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Wooden Wireless Mobile Phone Chargers UK

Thinking about going wireless…?

There are many reasons for choosing to go wireless when it comes to charging your mobile phone – no loose wires, no more having to hunt for your charging cable, and my personal favourite – is when a child manages to pull on your charging cable and your iPhone ends up broken on the floor.

Well, here’s another reason for going wireless: MakeMeSomethingSpecial’s new wooden wireless mobile phone chargers.

wooden wireless mobile phone chargers UK from

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As you can see, they’re very stylish, and you’re not alone. The second this wireless phone charger was created in our workshop, everyone, and I mean everyone who saw it – wanted one. It was hilarious! Even showing it to our packaging supplier to get it fitted for a box, all the staff stopped working to look at it.

wooden wireless mobile phone chargers UK from

If you have a wireless, also known as a Qi ready mobile phone, it will charge on our wooden wireless phone charger. If, on the other hand you don’t – don’t worry! If like me, you have an Apple Smartphone which is not Qi comparable there are ways around the problem. We sell iPhone receiver cases for iPhone 6.

wooden wireless mobile phone chargers UK from

If however, you already have a case and are quite attached to it, then you can opt for a wireless module receiver. These are great and pretty much invisible. All you do is fit the module underneath your case and you can charge your phone wirelessly.

wooden wireless mobile phone chargers UK from

So simple and you can now charge your mobile phone on one of these stunning wooden wireless mobile phone chargers. If you are looking to treat yourself or need to get a gift for someone special, this is something that stands out from the crowd, especially if the gift receiver likes electronics or is into smartphones. It’s also a great gift idea for the person who has everything or the impossible to buy for.

For an 18th birthday or 21st birthday, this is perfect! 5th wedding anniversary gifts just got even more exciting too.

As with everything we do here at MakeMeSomethingSpecial, we offer our products blank, sometimes with a standard text or motif and personalised engraving.

Our standard motif is a carved power symbol.

wooden wireless mobile phone chargers UK from

Engraving does look fantastic when it is cut on a curve. If you decide to personalised your wireless phone charger, as a gift for a friend or loved one, the engraved lettering looks just exquisite!

wooden wireless mobile phone chargers UK from

You can also have carved symbols like carved hearts, stars, snowflakes, birds, flowers or something of your own design or choosing to add to your wooden wirless mobile phone charger. This is what we do here at MakeMeSomethingSpecial… absolutely anything is possible.

wooden wireless mobile phone chargers UK from

If you have any questions about these wooden wireless mobile phone chargers, take a look at our wireless charging information page or send us a message via our contact form or give us a call on 01252 703196.

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