Mobile Phone Wireless Charging

If you like the idea of charging your mobile device wirelessly, you are going to love our new personalised wooden wireless chargers. If this is a completely new concept to you, it is extremely simply and straight forward.

Technology is moving toward a completely wireless and mobile world, and our device chargers have followed suit. There are many questions about wireless charging: How does wireless charging work? Can I use a wireless charging pads with my mobile smart phone? Do I need a special case for wireless charging?

How does wireless charging work?

Wireless charging, also known as inductive charging, is a convenient and fuss-free way to power up your mobile phone. Wireless chargers emit an alternating current via a transmitter coil, which is then picked up by a receiver coil found inside the device. Qi (pronounced “chee”) wireless charging pads are capable of charging many devices, like mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth headsets, cameras and portable power packs.

Like with electric tooth brushes, which have been around for many years, which charge wirelessly, you simply stand your tooth-brush on a stand plugged in a socket to charge a battery inside the tooth-brush.

How do you know if your phone is Qi compatible?

If you want to go wireless, your smart phone has to be Qi compatible. If you have a mobile phone like the iPhone 8 and iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S6, this already has a wireless receiver inside the phone and will charge on our wooden wireless charger. If you’re not sure about whether your smart phone is compatible, there should be Qi logo somewhere on the device, check the owner’s manual or packaging or take a look on the manufactures website.


My smartphone is not Qi compatible – What can I do? Do you need a special case?

If your phone is not Qi compatible, you are going to need an external receiver. There are two ways to achieve this.

1) You need a wireless receiver case. There are many different types on the market to buy for your phone. Aircharge, who make the wireless charger pad set inside our wooden phone charger also manufacture a very smart-looking all black and a dual colour black and white case for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 & 6 plus.

Aircharge Wireless iPhone 6 and 6 Plus case:

2) You buy a wireless charging receiver module. Again, there are many companies who make wireless modules to fit most mobile phones. If you already have a case for your iPhone and don’t want to change it, don’t worry, wireless module are designed to fit underneath the case.

You can buy one of these wireless modules online and on the high street. If you have another make of phone you can also find these online or at a specialist mobile phone high street retailer.

All you have to do is connect the receiver to your phone into the charging input.

The receiver module then tucks around and fixes to the back to your iPhone by a sticky pad. The receiver is no more than 0.5mm thick.

All you need to do now is re-attach you case. Your receiver is hidden underneath your case.

Time to charge!

Our stunning personalised wooden smart phone chargers will work with any Qi wireless enabled mobile phone. Once you have determined if your device is Qi compatible or you have purchased a wireless case or fitted a wireless receiver module to your mobile phone, you’re ready to charge!

The best thing about wireless charging is just how easy it really is. Simply plug in your new Make Me Something Special wooden phone charger into a plug socket or a computer via USB and then place your device on the charging pad. You will hear a short ‘BEEP’ and then your mobile phone will begin to charge – It’s that simple!

You get what you pay for?

Our engraved wooden wireless charger is a high quality product. The Aircharge charger pad will charge your mobile phone as quickly as being plugged directly into the mains. If you have a wireless device or you have purchased an Aircharge iPhone case you will notice no difference when charging your phone.

Until Apple produce a phone with a built-in receiver, you will need one of the external devices to charge your iPhone wirelessly. When it comes to syncing your iPhone, you can connect wirelessly to iTunes so you don’t need to remove your receiver or charging case.

If you have any questions about wireless charging, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would also love to hear your thoughts about our new wireless wooden products.

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