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General | 8th Aug

One of standard personalised wooden products is our beautiful engraved sign post.

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These very unique, handcrafted oak sign posts come in two standard sizes and can be engraved on one, two or all four sides. You can have regular carved inscriptions as well as black or white handprints finished lettering. So once your solid oak sign post has mellowed to a pail silver, the lettering is still very visible.

Such a n interesting alternative to a wooden house sign. You can have your house name engraved any way you want, one carved letter on top of each other or running vertically down the post, both ways look stunning.

Each post is crowned with a 45 degree cut pointed top and sanded smooth and then either finished in Superior Danish Oil or our new Diamond Coating for extra protection.

These sign posts have been so popular, customers have been ordering them as mile stone markers and anniversary memorial garden posts.

You can have names and dates, just like with all our personalised wooden gifts as well as carved hearts and other motifs favourites. look fantastic in the garden, very elegant and striking. If you are looking for a unique 5th wedding anniversary gift, this is one to consider if you love your garden and spend a lot of time in it.

As a way to display your house name, as a 5th wedding anniversary gift, these stunning, long-lasting engraved wooden sign posts are just perfect.

If you are looking for personalised wooden sign posts, then send us a message via our contact form or give us a call on 01252 703 196.


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