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Personalised Wooden Hotel and Business Signs

Wooden Hotel and Business Signs

If first impressions are the most important, then a carved wooden business sign helps your company impress customers from the moment they meet you. Whether you’re a large or small business, a wooden sign made from all natural material strengthens your brand. Wood conveys a premium trustworthy aura onto your brand and gives the impression that you care about every detail. If you’re prepared to invest in quality signage and care so much about that, your customer car levels must be high.

It’s easy to make a sign that says who you are, but does it tell potential customers about the quality of your service. Whether you’re a hotel or business, your signage could be working harder for you to tell people you stand for authenticity, quality and wholesome customer service. Wood adds a premium feel to any signage and is a natural renewable medium, perfect for your green credentials.

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Reasons to choose a wooden business sign:

  • Natural hardy material
  • Coveys quality and a premium feel
  • The perfect first impression to a customer
  • Great for green credentials
  • Customers increasingly looking for eco-friendly signals from businesses
  • Stands out from the crowd
  • Lends gravitas to your brand

These days more and more consumers are looking to buy ethically and want to do business with companies that do their bit for the environment. By creating signage made from our sustainably sourced wood, you’re doing away with plastics and highly-processed materials and choosing a natural product. You’re also conveying craftsmanship and attention to detail, as well as a support for traditional workmanship and community artisans.

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Our wooden business signs are made from sustainably grown, EU hard woods, including Oak, Maple and Berch. They come in a range of sizes, all hand cut from a single tree. For every one tree that’s felled, a new one is planted and each sign is hand-carved by our talented carpenter. No matter what your brand name or logo, we can create the perfect sign for your business. We can even do designs you may need, wayfinding signs and plaques.

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