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General | 17th May

Personalised Wooden Butlers Tray from

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Let me be frank… I love traditional, handcrafted, solid oak butlers trays – especially with personalised engraving.

If you are the type of person who enjoys friendly gatherings over coffee, a butlers tray makes it that little bit extra special. Carrying it from the kitchen to the drawing room or to the dining table with a beautiful oak tray in your hands just simply turns head followed by comments of “that’s nice!” – “Love your tray!” – Where did you get that?” never fails to happen.

Personalised Wooden Butlers Tray from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.comAll of our luxury wooden butlers trays are all handmade from solid English Oak and feature beautiful dovetail joints. The grain patterns on these are just heavenly and so smoothly finished you can run your finger over the joins and you won’t feel them.

Available in three standard sizes and all come with your choice of engraved lettering.

Personalised Wooden Butlers Tray from

Our large tray can be purchased with a solid oak stand so your wooden butler’s tray can become a stunning side table or lamp table, ideal for reading a good book in the evening. The stands them selves are, of course, handcrafts right here in our Surrey Hills workshop and are about 75cm tall when opened. We use traditional upholstery webbing as stoppers and held in place using antique finishing nails, which you will find was the original method of making classic traditional  butlers tray stands and it complements the oak perfectly.

As always, if we make anything – we make it properly.

Personalised Wooden Butlers Tray from

Our wooden trays are strong and durable. We use 18mm thick English Oak with a 8mm thick veneer base. This is the same sized material we use to construct our personalised toy boxes. Our wooden trays are flawless in quality and built to last and are now available with folding legs.

Personalised Wooden Butlers Tray from

If you are interested in ordering a blank or personalised wooden butlers trays, please get in touch via our contact form

TEL: 01252 703 196

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