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General | 22nd Oct

These beautiful English Oak garden tree swings make the perfect finishing touch to your garden.

If you have a tree in your garden, why not hang up a tree swing for those long lazy summer days and evenings. There is nothing nicer than swaying gently back and forth in the warmth of the sunshine.

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We love hand making oak swings. Taking a huge chunk of English Oak – nothing else will do, and planing it back and rounding off those square edges. We hand tie or splice each knot and finish every one using Liberon Superior Danish oil, which apart from being water and heat-resistant – it has a UV filter, so your garden swing will keep its golden colour for longer.

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Our rope is nothing less than perfect for garden tree swings. It is a hard waring marine quality rope that is far superior to natural ropes like Manilla or Hemp. Synthetic Hemp rope has all the benefits of natural Hemp rope, soft to touch and pale in colour but it won’t shrink or rot which all natural ropes will. It is commonly found being used on boats and rigging, its water proof, strong and wonderful to work with.

Personalised Tree Swings | MakeMeSomethingSpecial.comWe have just completed our range with our new two-seater tree swing, the perfect wedding or anniversary gift.

An independent Blog recommending Make Me Something Special written by Bride De Force, Winners of the Best DIY wedding Bloggers by The wedding Magazine.

A really wonderful unique present for the bride and groom. They will never forget their wedding day or anniversaries to come with engraved dates along the front face to remind them. Personalised gifts really are something to cherish, we all love a good bottle of champagne but once its gone… this will last for many years to come – forever, if cared for properly and can be passed down to future generations, who in turn can add their personalised inscriptions with our engraving service if they choose. Think of it as a family heirloom in the making.

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We have just added hand spliced knots to child’s swing, something we are often asked to do, so naturally we have made it an option. The standard children’s swing comes with two attractive stopper knots but, I have to admit – if your budget allows it – you can’t beat a hand spliced knot on an oak garden tree swing.

As featured in the Independent Newspaper in their ‘The 10 Best christening presents’Tree Swings |

Handmade Tree Swings | MakeMeSomethingSpecial.comWe have a new product which we are often asked to make, our new handmade rope ladder. My children love it! After all, how else do 3 year olds get to the top of trees! I can just imagine this on a child’s fort, the perfect escape route from pirates and goblins.

Handmade of course, from solid English Oak, cut into round steps with the same synthetic hemp rope as our handmade tree swings. This is built to last and can be tailor-made to any length. Comes as standard with 10 steps and measures 3 metres long.

Tree Swings For Everyone!

A question we are often asked “What swing would you recommend for my child… of this age?”

This simply depends on, firstly – what your budget is? and secondly – what tree do you have?

This is our view on the matter. Obviously, our Double Swing is for two people – adults mainly, but I was asked recently to make a family swing for children, but I would say this is a couples swing.

On the other end of the scale our Monkey Swing is a great all-rounder and will take both adults and children from as little as three.

Next our Childrens Swing is suitable for children ages three years and upward and unlike the Monkey Swing and our Round Swing, it has two ropes and is perfect for a child’s first tree swing to learn that all important lesson of how to swing on a swing.

Our Round Swing is fun and looks great with engraving and will take both children and adults.

We now come to our Garden Swings. This, in answer to the original question, I would say is money well spent. This tree swing was designed with adults in mind but as you can see from the image below, my three-year old can handle it perfectly even with her Winnie tucked into her arm. If you want a tree swing for all the family – this is the one I would buy, it ticks all the boxes and is a fantastic all-rounder for all ages, it looks fantastic too, blank or with personalised engraving.

Last but not least, we come to our Large Garden Swing. This is our luxurious version of our Garden Swing, it is that bit deeper and wider as well as being thicker. A truly hearty, heavy-duty garden oak swing and is for those who enjoy gentle sway whilst in comfort rather than flying through the air with the world beneath you. This is the tree swing equivalent of first class travel.

Our standard engraving on this handmade personalised oak tree swing is: “REACH FOR THE SKY” & “TO INFINITY & BEYOND”

Tree Swings For All Ages | MakeMeSomethingSpecial.comThe only thing left to add is for those cold rainy winter months ahead. I would take advantage of our tree swing fittings. Whether you have bought one of our swings or are thinking about buying one, our fittings make life so much easier when it comes to hanging and levelling off your swing.

If you go for the Carabiners, you will be able to remove your swing and put it away in the garden shed until the following spring without having to re tie the knots again. Of course, you will need an Eye fitting as well but I would recommend this particular swing fitting for all swings when it come to attaching them to your tree. This is the kindest way for the tree to hang a swing from a tree branch. Two small ten millimetre holes that will heal over quickly as opposed to strangling the tree branch and potentially rubbing off the tree bark, which is the living part of the tree and could cause harm to your tree. These are unique to us and cannot be found anywhere else. Each one is bespoke made to your specific tree branch diameter no matter what size it is. I would also recommend a Swing Screw or a Figure of Eight fitting as an additional extra. It’s a great swing fitting, perfect for getting your swing level or changing swing position for different aged children.

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Conclusion: We have a fantastic range of wooden tree swings for all ages and all types of gardens and of course budgets. We alway do our best to be competitive in everything we make. You will find it hard to find another company that takes such care and attention to detail in the production of their wooden swing and researched and sourced such a wonderful range of materials and fittings. As with everything we do – we want to do it better and the proof is all to clear!

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If you have any questions about one of the products you saw in this post or would like to place a bespoke order, send us a message via our contact form or give us a call on the number above to talk to us directly. We’d love to hear from you.

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