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General | 23rd Mar

Manufactures of the finest personalised wooden gifts in the UK.

When we come up with an idea at MMSS, we spend a long time prototyping it, refining it, testing it and generally trying and make it as practical and as original as possible.

Take a look at these new personalised wooden key racks.

Within the oak, magnets have been set into the timber making the surface magnetic, ideal for hanging the family keys on so everyone knows where they are – a simple, yet brilliant idea.


Every product ever created at MMSS generally comes from something we want to use around our home, which we do, and we don’t make it if we couldn’t see ourselves using it.

This next product was put up within 5 minutes of it being created – the wooden magnetic knife racks. Same as the key organiser except created to hold the weight of large chef knives.


Shop Knife Racks

This particular knife rack is my own and is actually hanging in my kitchen right now with my collection of Kai Shun knives, stuck to it as if by magic. I absolutely love it!

Another of our personal favourites is our collection of wooden tree swings for the garden…


Shop Garden Swings

These are great! It doesn’t matter what age you are – you are never too old or young to swing! We make wooden swings for children and adults, single rope swings and hand spliced swings for the whole family. You can even buy double swings for him and her – the ideal wedding anniversary gift.

No excuses – if you have a tree, buy a personalised wooden tree swing! You will never look back!


Personalised Toy Boxes

Wooden Toy Box

If you like the look of some of these gifts and would like to buy something special for a child or grandchild, take a look at these personalised wooden toy boxes, made by hand in our own workshop.

When we’re speaking to customers on the phone, they just love our enthusiasm when we talk about our products because the truth is – we love them!

I just love the idea that every day someone, somewhere is opening one of our wooden gifts and making them very happy and not just now at Christmas – but on birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, 5th wedding anniversaries, a thank you gift, for a new baby or a new pet, a new home – these do make great house-warming gifts, a teacher or a neighbour or just to treat yourself.

Personalised wooden gifts of such quality – we are proud to deliver.

We have such a great range of wooden gifts for all occasions and people. You can’t go wrong – affordable, practical, personal, unique, different, appealing, usable – need I go on! Contact us now.

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