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One thing we do well here at MakeMeSomethingSpecial is bespoke work. We love it! It makes life in the workshop so much more interesting and personalised garden tree swings is something that pops up quite regularly on our to-do list.


Ok, this first image doesn’t look very bespoke in terms of design, but I thought I would start with it as it has a very beautiful engraved inscription on the underside of the oak swing seat.

Gorgeous! Such a lovely quote, and very appropriate for a garden swing for a child.

There is something very wonderful about making engraved swings. They’re one of my most favourite products, which is funny actually considering they’re one of the most time consuming, due to the shape of the swing seat and the time we put into finishing and doing the rope work which must be done by hand.

However, this is not about rope work or the shaping of our wooden swing seats. This is about unique ideas that we have had to create for clients who were after something a little different.

doesn’t look like much, but this little carved rose head motif was a special request to be carved on top of the swing where it will always be seen. Sweet, I like it. A perfect gift for a young girl or granddaughter. Her own personalised tree swing. And on the underside of the swing, the words “Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust” with an optional shooting star, of course. Great times are to be had on a swing like this.


My personal favourite has to be our standard engraving which a lot of clients add to their order. They have one side of the swing seat engraved with a names, house names, a date or message, but for side 2, they often include the words…




On the odd occasion, we are asked to engrave a company logo onto a bespoke wooden swing. These particular commissioned swings are to be hung indoors as a seating area for customers. They were carved onto the surface of the swing seat – something we can easily do if requested.



Speaking of engraving on the top of the oak swing seat, we offer the special message engraving option which is a very poplar addition to our personalised garden swings. Doesn’t matter which swing shape you choose – the lettering we be in keeping with the swing seat.

I love it when customers order these extra little touches. It shows, in my mind, that someone has really thought about the gift they are buying and making it personal for the receiver. This is what makes something ordinary… something special!

If you would like to order a bespoke oak swing for you garden or inside your home or business, then please get in touch. You can take a closer look at our swings here.

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