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Bespoke | 28th Jan

Over the years we are asked to make many unique, unusual and very special things.

Special commissions are something I think should be available everywhere but not everyone makes there own products, It’s funny, generally every product we have made in our range of personalised wooden gifts comes from Davina and I either wanting or needing something at home. But the point of bespoke products, stands to reason, as everyone is different and has different tastes and styles, as well as different needs for a product and in some cases they need a product to be smaller or larger to suit their home or surroundings – makes sense.

I do urge any customer who wants a product made to order/made to measure or something to their own design to contact us and talk about what they want. After all, these are luxury gifts and luxuries and not necessities – so be bold.

Let me share our latest commission.

This special order personalised oak wall plaque was commission by a lady for her and her husbands fifth wedding anniversary. It was made in the same way as our personalised chopping boards (three pieces of wood joined together) this is for added strength and durability except this particular board was made from English Oak. You are going to have to look hard to find the joins.

Made To Order Oak Gifts from

This is a really solid piece of wall art in oak. We engraved a poem, as requested, carving very small lettering in the oak, cutting each letter perfectly and consistently across the face using a very fine, custom made diamond cutter. It’s amazing, these letters are no bigger then 5mm tall and yet so clear to read even at a distance.

Made To Order Oak Gifts from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.comIt fits to the wall using our discreet invisible screw head fixings, so once up, it appears to be floating, just like one our house signs or floating shelves – no fittings on show.

Made To Order Oak Gifts from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.comNotice the light streaks in the timber if our oak gifts. These are called medullary Rays, these are the characteristics of Quarter Sawn Oak. This means the oak has been cut in a very specific way to keep the oak as stable as possible even if it is exposed to moisture. It is very expensive and extremely high quality! If you see these blonde streaks in oak on the face edge – you know immediately this is very high quality, generally used by furniture makers.

Made To Order Oak Gifts from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.comNo ones engraving looks quite like ours. It is a combination of machine and hand engraving, combined with very high quality timbers, skilled craftsmen and custom made cutters that give such spectacular results. Honestly if you really want to see if you are getting something very special take a good look at the images, we hide nothing and are proud of what we produce and it does show, especially at such a close distance.

Personalised Oak Toy Box

Personalised Oak Toy Box

If you like the look of some of these oak gifts and would like to buy something special for a child or grandchild, take a look at these personalised oak toy boxes, made by hand in our own workshop. You can view our full range of personalised children’s toy boxes here.

Customer’s feed back:

Hi Davina,

My chopping board arrived this morning, thanks so much for getting it here for my anniversary.

That really was 5 star customer service, you did everything you promised and in such a short space of time.

Thanks again.

Make Me Something Special bespoke made to order wooden gifts. For more special order commissions take a look at our Recent Commissions page.

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