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Chopping Board Oil


All natural food safe wooden chopping board oil

We are very proud to offer our all natural, non toxic, food-safe, Vegan rated chopping board oil to our customers. All of our personalised wooden chopping boards and other kitchen related items are finished with this same oil. Our natural wood oil is perfect for using on any kitchen wooden product like kitchen utensils, worktops and serving boards. It contains only natural, plant-based ingredients. It is free from mineral oil and other petroleum by-products.

A great alternative to mineral oil

For years I have seen other companies using mineral oil as their standard wooden cutting board finish and have seen it for sale as a good chopping board oil. Why, I ask myself…? Mineral oil is a by-product of crude oil, why would you want to use this on the surface you use to prepare food? Our philosophy is – if you wouldn’t dream of putting it in your mouth, why would you use it on a food cutting surface? The oil we use is completely toxic free and is 100% food-safe. When it comes to treating your oak cutting board, butchers block, end grain, live edge or whatever you use that is made from wood, this is the perfect chopping board oil. It will prevent your board from dying out, bowing or warping and will reduce cracking. It also is perfect for utensils, rolling pins, wooden bowls, barbecue tongs and serving spoons. It also has a very pleasant smell due to the essential oils.

– 100% All natural ingredients
– 100% Plant-based / Vegan rated
– 100% Food safe hygienic and antibacterial
– 100% Stable. Your chopping board will not turn rancid or smell.

There is one small drawback from using an all natural oil…

You can never over oil a cutting board, no matter how much oil you apply the oil only penetrates the chopping board surface about 1 – 2 millimetres, so as you use and wipe down or wash the board you are removing the oil at the same time. Oils like Danish oil or finishing oil have hardeners and solvents which allow the finish to go off like a rock, however these kinds of finishes are no good on a food preparation surface. An all natural oil has no hardeners so regular oiling is necessary when it comes to keeping your board in good condition. Never be afraid to oil your board if you feel it needs a treatment. The most obvious signs are loss of colour, rough to the touch and cracks appearing in your board.

Boards like carving boards that will have hot, moist meat sitting on them for long periods of time will need a good scrub to remover the grease and fats from the board. You will find once the board has dried it will feel very dry and rough. Think of it like your skin, after you have washed your hands working them hard and scrubbing them, they need moisturising, the same applies for a wooden board. Once you apply a new coat of oil you will instantly see a difference in the finish.

If you need any advise on oiling your board, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to talk you through it.



Estimated Delivery Time:

2- 3 working days. Please be aware this can change daily. If you require an item to be made by a specific date please contact us.


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