Personalised Wooden Carving Boards with Spikes

| 4th Aug

MakeMeSomethingSpecial’s personalised wooden carving boards just got a whole lot more interesting. Click to buy from our collection of carving boards above or read on to discover the extremely high quality that can deliver with our carving boards.


Personalised Wooden Carving Board with Spikes

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If I had a pound for every time I was asked to make a Sunday roasting board to be fitted with meat spikes… you get the idea. The truth is, we get asked about this quite a lot, and have been looking into it for quite a while. You know what the funny thing is? I could have added this as an option a very long time ago but with everything we do here at MakeMeSomethingSpecial, if it isn’t right – we don’t do it! I have found lots of metal spikes that could have been incorporated into our wooden carving boards but never the right ones. I have even considered making them out of wood but that is not the answer, in my mind.

Engraved Oak Carving Board with Spikes

Wooden Meat Carving Boards with Spikes

I am happy to announce that they are finally ready. It took some finding but the right spikes are here. The issue was getting the spikes made from the right material, in our case, stainless steel. They have to be the correct height, the right diameter and lots of other requirements come into play. It looked like we were going to have to have the spikes bespoke-made, but luckily, we found some!

And they’re perfect…

Wooden Carving Board with Spikes

Everything is just rosy! They look the business once we got them fitted into one of our oak carving boards, and thus, our personalised wooden carving board with meat spikes were born.

It is funny, but since we added this to our personalised carving board products as an optional extra, they have been flying out the door! We are also being asked to incorporate them into our high quality end grain cutting boards, and were recently asked to add spikes to a very large bespoke end grain board. See below:

Wooden Board with Spikes

I do like the way it looks on our large wooden carving boards, like this one. We add five spikes as standard, but more can be added if you require them. They’re ideal for hog roasts and large Christmas turkeys.

As with our traditional large carving boards, we also offer two types of carving grooves – a corner well and an outer groove. See below:

Personalised Wooden Carving Boards with Spikes

Or, a central well with cascading grooves. This board will only take 4 spikes, 6 if really needed, set within the running juice grooves of the board.

Engraved Oak Carving Board with Spikes

I am so glad this came to be. I have looked at so many different carving boards, very recently in-fact, and at what other companies offer when it comes to meat spikes with their oak caving boards, and nothing makes me think “WOW! They look nice!” It always looks like an afterthought or has a ”that is all we could get” feel about them. And that’s exactly why we didn’t release this board until we knew we had the right meat spikes. It is all about the way it looks, the practicality and the quality.

Oak Carving Board with Spikes

With all of our personalised wooden carving boards with spikes, we also include an oak cover, to protect the spikes and small hands when it is being stored away.

A really simple solid oak block with identical holes cut in situ, so it fits like a glove around the spikes.

Wooden Meat Carving Board with Spikes

When it comes to buying a good quality wooden carving board, you don’t have to have the spikes if you prefer not to. It helps keep the meat stable when carving, but it is not essential. We have sold well over 4000 carving board since MakeMeSomethingSpecial began back in 2007 and until now, none had spikes. However, looking forward I think this will all change. At the end of the day, it is down to you and what you want.

Handcrafted solid wooden carving board

If you choose not to, you will still receive a really beautiful made, handcrafted solid wooden carving board to enjoy on those Sunday afternoons and special occasions like Christmas.

Handmade Oak Carving Board

Tuck in and enjoy!

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