This Bespoke Maple Worktop Saver is A Whopping 1 Meter Wide!

| 18th Jul

How’s this for a chopping board? A 1 meter wide bespoke Maple worktop saver – one of many bespoke chopping boards we manufacture here in our workshop up in the hills of Surrey. yes, I said 1 meter.

It is a monster of a chopping board, and constructed from our beautiful Amish-grown Black Rock maple. An absolutely stunning timber that’s about as hardwearing and as strong as they come.

Maple on the whole  is a really hard wood – the kind of timber you will find your local butcher using when he is sawing through bone with a hacksaw. It can take some serious abuse!

Now, obviously, this particular bespoke Maple worktop saver has a large hole in the centre. This will match and sit above a hole in the customer’s worktop that leads to a waste bin for food waste that hides below. This is a wonderful idea, as when you finish chopping, you can just gather up all the peelings and offcuts pf veg and so on and then sweep them directly through the board and into the bin, leaving your cutting board free for further preparation without you having to repeatedly move around the kitchen.

It may seem crazy having the hole in the centre of the board, but this is so food is not being contaminated. Remember this board is 1 meter wide by 1 meter deep, which gives you a cutting area on either side of the hole which is larger than our biggest standard personalised chopping board.

Two people can stand on either side of this board and between the cut up enough fruit and veg to feed a large family and not feel they are restricted on preparation space. love this idea and funnily enough, I have something similar in my own kitchen. It does make life easier when cutting up lots of food for a family feast or a night of friends coming over for a game night.

Big worktop savers like this are great. I alway say to customers, “If you have the space in your kitchen, buy the largest wooden chopping board you can. You won’t regret it!”.

If you’re interested in purchasing a bespoke workshop saver like this, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can see all of our other chopping boards here.

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