Personalised Wooden Phone & Tablet Holders

| 2nd Jun

The New Personalised Wooden Phone & Tablet Holders:

personalised engraved solid oak desk tidy organiser

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A customer called us and asked a question… “I like your engraved oak Phone & Tablet Tray but can you change it slightly?”

It had to have a larger compartment for her husbands things, however, she still wanted the phone and tablet grooves.

We set to work with a fresh block of English Oak and simply shifted the phone and tablet grooves back. By loosing one of the rear grooves, it freed up a huge space for us to carve out a large compartment for plenty of stationary.

As we make everything to order, simple little changes like this can be done for no extra cost.

We liked it so much we now offer it as a standard item. Thus you now have two options to choose from when you order one of our personalised solid oak Phone & Tablet Trays.

personalised engraved solid oak desk tidy organiser


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