Personalised Wooden Egg Racks

| 17th Sep

Our New Personalised Wooden Egg Racks:

Looking for a unique way to keep your eggs together in one place…? Your going to love this!!!

These are our new and absolutely stunning engraved wooden egg racks for the wall of your kitchen.

Any chef or cook will tell you that eggs don’t want to be kept in your fridge. You might just want to leave them in the cardboard box and in a cupboard but if you want them on display, in reach, this is a good one!

Perfect! We make a 6, 12 and 18 hole long racks. All in our locally sourced English Oak and can be personalised with our standard text:


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and, or course, you can choose to have your own personalised engraved text. Please see character quantities on our website.

Beautifully cut egg holes, which will hold extra large eggs comfortably. The racks feature our invisible screw head fixings, so as with all of our wall mounted personalised wooden gifts, no fittings or screw heads on display.

To be completely honest, out of all our products that have make that have a wall mounted option, these tend to be my personal favourites.

This can be said of our Welly boot holders. I would buy and own our wall mounted version.

Personalised Welly Boot wall rack:

Same goes for our magnetic wooden knife holders. I do love all the different versions, but again the one I have in my kitchen is the wall rack knife holder.

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Wooden magnetic Knife holders

Same goes for our wooden key holders. I guess when things are on the wall, it keep counter tops and floors free from clutter.

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Personalised wooden key racks:

Back to eggs.

We do make solid oak egg trays in a manner of sizes, which look fantastic. We even made a special wooden egg tray for Emma Bridgewater. But I will say, I personally would have the wooden egg rack that goes on the wall.

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Personalised Wooden Egg Tray:


Emma Bridgewater Wooden Egg Tray:

Personalised Wooden Egg Racks:


If you are looking for a handmade wooden egg rack, then send us a message via our contact form or give us a call on 01252 703 196.

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