Personalised Expresso Cup Board

| 29th Oct

Personalised wooden gifts with engraved lettering is what we do… and that includes handwriting. Something customers often ask is, “Can you carve my handwritten onto wood?” and the answer is “Yes we can!”. All you have to do is email or post us a your handwriting and we do the rest. Take a look at this bespoke serving boards we made for 6 Le Creuset expresso cups.

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Handmade from our Amish American White Oak, this engraved wooden board featured recessed holes for the expresso cups and another hole for a super bowl. The Le Creuset expresso cups are beautifully made and fit the holes with very little tolerance. They all fit great into our custom cut holes. The edges are chamfered, top and bottom at 45 degrees. The finish of the board show off how we do things here at Make Me Something Special. We sand and smooth all our wooden gifts until perfectly smooth, then finish the Liberian Superior Danish Oil. A heat, water and alcohol resistant oil – perfect for a coffee cup board.

However, the special aspect with this board is the engraved handwritten letting. You can write anything you like including diagrams or symbols, makes no difference, as long as its clear we can carve it and you will be able to read it as if it was written on paper. We designed the board to hold all six cups as well as the sugar bowl with plenty of space for the personalisation. Thus was cut with a very sharp, diamond tipped tool, giving a deep, pronounced cut giving a beautiful finish.

We also carved some handles underneath the board for easy lifting. The engrave serving board is only 20mm thick so we had to carve a smooth recessed handle that wouldn’t take to much material away but enough to get your finger tips underneath to pick the board making it more tray like. Over all these is one pretty board! This is about as personalised as you can get. If you have attractive handwriting or like the idea of putting your own unique edge onto a personalised gift, this is a great way to do it.

If you are interested in ordering a personalised wooden board with your own engraved handwriting, then send us a message via our contact form or give us a call on 01252 703 196.

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