Island Poke Engraved Indoor Wooden Swing

| 21st Aug

Island Poke Engraved Indoor Wooden Swing

These engraved oak swings are fantastic for outdoor fun, but we are also asked, from time to time, to create indoor engraved wooden swings. Like for Island Poke, who have ordered several of these very beautiful hanging wooden swings, complete with their engraved company logo.


Shop Swings

These stunning engraved oak swings will be hanging inside their shop so customers can take the load of their feet and rest whilst gently swaying back and forth. I can’t think of anything nicer. A very original and unique idea.

We look forward to seeing images of the wooden swings once they up and the restaurant is open for business.

Shop logo’s are something we are very good at carving. The original shop logo, in black and white, was emailed to us to copy. It is as simple as that. For the best results, we need a black and white, hi-res PDF or vector file and the rest is left to us.

The logo we received:



And from this, we set to work carving the logo as true to life as we can…


Quite stunning really! I love doing these kind of commissions. Taking a logo from paper and carving it into wood is a very rewarding process.

I especially like the carved fish logo. We use the finest equipment to achieve this effect, as well as very unique diamond cutters used by companies like Rolls Royce and McLaren.


The lettering too is high quality and as close as possible to the original logo. After all, logos are all important when it comes to a business, so it has to be right.

It doesn’t matter which font you use either, even if it is a unique font you have invented yourself, as long as you can supply us with the artwork, the result will be the same.


Normally we engrave business logos onto plaques or oak signs, sometimes phone holders, wooden engraved awards or wooden desk organisers, like we have made for companies like Centreparcs, ARM, Yeo Valley and others.

Engraved wooden products of any size and shape can be produced to order. Something simple like these wooden personalised paper weights, to something as large as our personalised garden swings.

If you would like to discuss ordering an engraved logo or a swing for the garden, then please contact us y phone or email. You can take a closer look at our engraved wooden garden swings here.

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