Fareham Council Bespoke Carved Wall Plaque

| 23rd Oct

Bespoke carved wall plaque

Here at Make Me Something Special, we do exactly that! Simple, we create special things for people and occasions, that is all we do.

…and this is a excellent example of what I’m talking about.

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We were commissioned to make this stunning commemorative plaque for Farnham borough council in memory of Alderman Ernest Crouch.

The plaque was engraved with a Winston Churchill quote as well as a dedication to Mr Crouch who had been a councillor for 30 years. The plaque itself was constructed from our beautiful locally sourced English Oak, which had been joined together to make up a plaque that was 60cm long x 40cm tall x 4.5cm thick.

The personalised wall plaque featured a large illustration of Mr Crouch’s face, deeply carved into the timber, up to 30mm in some places. We spend a considerable amount of time cutting and reciting specific areas to match a black and white illustration, sent to us by email. Two days later the carving was complete along with the engraved lettering. All we had to do then was finish the wooden wall plaque, which consists of many different grades of glass paper, working our way down to 1000 grit polishing paper.

The finish is so smooth it is like a mirror! We then oil the oak with Superior Danish oil to treat as well as preserve the oak. It also brings out the beautiful colour of the timber, a deep golden honey colour that is only found in true English Oak.

The engraved plaque came fitted with our invisible screw head fixings. Once on the wall the solid oak wall plaque would simply hang on the wall without an sign of fixing or hangers. This beautiful example is what we create her at our Surrey Hills Workshop, by hand, to order.

If you are interested in ordering one of our beautiful personalised wooden wall plaques, then send us a message via our contact form or give us a call on 01252 703 196.

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