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| 3rd Jul

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When it comes to our engraved wooden wall plaques – there is no competition!

We have been making plaques for many years now and not just for private customers. A lot of our oak wall plaques are commissioned by a manner of individuals, companies and services. Like the Armed Forces, churches, town halls, councils, the National Trust, even Royalty.

See this stunning bespoke work we created.


Made from our beautiful Amish American Black Walnut. The whole thing was glued together using colour matched staves just like a workshop. Then it is cut to size and sanded – then we begin carving.

The process take many hours from start to finish. Cutting each individual letter until it is perfect. The lettering was designed to match existing plaques at the venue, including the hand painted gold letting.


Many many hours were spent painting each individual letter. Three coats were needed before the whole plaque could be finished and polished.


But, I tell you – it was wort the wait – I mean look at it! A wonderful combination Walnut and gold. This was our first attended at combining gold lettering with one of our engraved wall plaques and I am happy to say we have done many more since this beautiful example was completed.



We very recently created a plaque for Winston Churchill’s art gallery at Chartwell.


A magnificent piece, made completely by hand to order in our Surrey Hills workshop. The challenge here, was to mimic the font of an existing wall plaque at Chartwell to have this new wooden wall plaque in-keeping with it. Something we did without issue.

This stunning solid oak engraved plaque is an good example of the kind of quality wooden products we  manufacture in Surrey by our skilled team of craftsmen.


Another recent commissioned wall plaque was for the Beatrix Potter society.


This was to make the replacement of all the benches at Hill Top House. Beatrix Potters 17th century farm house, near Sawrey, Cumbria.

A very simply just elegant wooden wall plaque, made by hand using quality English Oak, felled and sawn less then 20 miles from our workshop, which we then had select to ensure the best quality.


Every engraved character is just exquisite. Little things like making sure every serif is sharp, we send a great deal of time getting such a simple thing right but it makes such a difference.

Other Recently Commissioned Bespoke Plaques:


Personalised wooden wall plaques are something we are very proud of here at Make Me Something Special. This is because we really get to show off just how good our engraving and carving skills are. Where it is a very small motif, like this carved squirrel or Humming Bird, once we start, we make sure it always look special.


Every member of the workshop staff have a past connected with art. They were either an art student, a painter, skilled the graphic design, photography, sculpture – all these skills come out in our work, giving our bespoke carved wall plaques that extra unique feel. After all, if you love what you are doing – it will come out in your work.

Take a look at this, our 5th wedding anniversary wooden wall plaque.


The perfect personalised wooden gift for a wedding anniversary that is the traditionally wood as a gift.

We set the first few lines included in the cost of the plaque. 5 YEARS, DAYS, HOURS, MINUTES as well as the first five lines of text which is reserved for your own special messages. If you need more, you can add another five lines of text if required as well as carved symbols like hearts and stars. Stunning!


Our bespoke wooden wall plaques.


We have a complete bespoke service for practically any of our products. Most of our product range evolved by customers asking us to make bespoke one off special orders, as they couldn’t find what they were looking for elsewhere.


and personalised wooden wall plaques very much fits in this category and for obvious reasons.

This is all about you and what you want and nothing is too much trouble.

This example of one of our wooden plaques shows the kind of things you can do with our wall plaques. Carved figurines, engraved lettering and a big carved heart all set out on a large solid oak plaque. Stunning.


If you want to know more about our engraved wooden wall plaques, how they are made, or to order one, please give us a call on 01252 703 196 and we can answer any questions you have.

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