Engraved Wooden Burial Markers

| 21st Aug

MakeMeSomethingSpecial’s Engraved Wooden Burial Makers

This is something we never planned to get into. With engraving, there is always going to be links towards memorial and ceremonial work as people want something that lasts, is instantly readable and creates an immediate statement. With wood being so tactile and warm in appearance, it is undoubtably a great choice for a plaque or marker, especially for Green Burials.

We began as a professional chopping board manufacturer in 2009. By 2010, we had been asked to create many other one off items as commissions, which showed what we could do and brought knocking to the door. By 2011 we had over 150 products, today we have 250 – not including extra touches, like engraving or sizes. Back in 2010 we were commissioned to make our very first bespoke Green burial maker…



This brought such interest due to its rustic, natural feel and featured our high quality lettering and beautiful carved acorn motif. One of our best! The 3D raised carving was very difficult to get right but, as with everything, you get out what you put in – hard work, care and attention to detail. It is all about the finish with us.


Since then, we have made many hundreds of these oak grave markers.

The next one was a very enjoyable project. This rustic memorial plaque on two posts was identical to the first one we did. The carved tree, a great Red Wood, was excellent, along with some very lovely engraved text.



This has become one of my very favourite products. It feels like we can really open up the taps and be really creative, which is what, generally, the client also wants to happen. We live using really raw planks of English Oak, cutting it to size and getting down on starting something that is going to be very special.


Another version of this kind of wooden burial marker is our single post grave marker, with an oak plaque set at 45 degrees. A traditional memorial plaque, constructed using traditional joinery techniques and finish with the utmost care.

The Wooden Grave Marker:



I have to say, I have been asked by clients to make these many times now. They show me the site where the plaque is to be placed and also oak head stones that are already in place as a guide. I do often ask why they’re not using the burial markers on offer at the burial site, and the answer is generally because they want something better. I sound like I am blowing my own trumpet, but I have to say, we do make very good burial markers out of wood and our company specialises in engraving into timber – which comes in handy.


We also engrave perfect carved motifs. Something we offer across our whole personalised wooden gift range. Whether you want one or not, the plaque will still look fantastic. This below is a wooden marker with just engraved lettering and it is very elegant.


But if you want something special for a little extra, we are happy to help with this. We make two standard sizes in this type of grave marker plaque which give you plenty of space to add special little touches.

Take a look some of the following designs we have cared:

Carved Dove with an Olive Branch.



Carved hearts. Another great thing we offer is black painted lettering. As with our house signs, we offer black and white pint filled finishes. The paint is acrylic so it is very weather restraint and will for last years to come.

We can colour both carvings and lettering even if the lettering is large or small.


This really helps the lettering stand out and be noticed.


Bespoke carving like these snowdrops. A really pretty addition to our wooden green burial markers. They look fantastic and make the wooden head stone that little bit extra special. Carving will vary in price depending on how complicated they are. They start from around £30.00 and upwards.


Like the oak grave marker featured before this one, the engraved lettering and carvings were paint filled.


This little oak burial marker I believe from memory had to be kept a curtain size to go alone with the burial plot guidelines. This is something we can do. As all of our green burial markers are all made to order anyway, we can easily adapt the size and shape to suit what you need.


We also make smaller markers, what we call or engraved tree memorial plaques. These are simpler, more subtle memorial markers. If you want to be more discreet or for scattering ashes or the planting a tree as a memorial and want something to add that personal feel to the place of burial.


A simplistic memorial plaque with personalised letting and engraved tree motif. Of course, all of our engraved plaques come with your choice of words or lettering. This one includes the tree motif.


The difference between us an other memorial plaque makers – we care about what we do form start to finish. We use only the very finest timber on the planet and will create something very special every time.

We also make memorial benches too.



If you are needing to order a bespoke green burial marker or want to discuss the process of placing an order, then please do get in touch.

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