Engraved Wooden Bookends with Poem

| 3rd Jun

Engraved Wooden Bookends with Poem from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

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We are often asked to add various engraved text to our Personalised Oak Bookends, dates, poems, but not quite like the pair of wooden Bookends we were asked to create for an anniversary present.

Engraved Wooden Bookends with Poem from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

The lettering here is only 3mm tall with things like punctuation a fraction of this size. The carved letters making up the poem is a delicate process and when cutting many factors come into play. The Bookend surface has to be perfectly flat – and I mean perfect! If it is out by as little as 0.2 of a millimetre you will not get consistent lettering especially at this size.



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