Engraved Bespoke Wooden Plaque for The National Trust

| 18th Sep

Take a look at one of our engraved bespoke wooden plaques, commissioned for The National Trust. chartwell-engraved-wooden-wall-plaque-makemesomethingspecial.co.uk

This plaque is in Chartwell and hangs in Sir Winston Churchill’s painting room. It’s a truly beautiful piece of wooden wall art, handmade from solid English Oak with a beautiful grain and carved with a unique font of their choice.

Like our other wooden gifts, the timber we selected for the plaque was of finest quality. I do like a really good piece of oak with a superb grain structure. We join the pieces, three of them in this case, to make a wide board to become the plaque. Just like with our personalised chopping boards, each piece of timber (or stave) is joined with grain and colour to mach as close as possible.


The process is always the same and if done right, the result is perfect. We normally use our beautiful Amish American White oak when it comes to make our large oak chopping boards or plaques but this particular plaque had to be English Oak.

If you look close enough you will see the joins but it is pretty much an uninterrupted grain join and most importantly doesn’t detract from the engraved lettering. The is also a task in itself, everyone wants a stunning piece of timber when making something like this oak memorial plaque but too much figuring won’t work. It had to be elegant but subtle at the same time.

national-trust-wooden-wall-plaques-makemesomethingspecial.co.ukEngraving is something special when it is done properly.

Here at MakeMeSomethingSpecial, we use really high quality cutters. I have mentioned this before but it is something very rarely found in a wood workshop. The cutters we use are normally found being use in Aerospace facilities. In fact, the same diamond tipped cutters we use to engrave our lettering are also used by the likes of Rolls Royce and McLauren.

The results are fantastic.


It’s always a great pleasure to create bespoke works for organisations like The National Trust. If you’d like to see more of our bespoke gifts or you’d like to make an enquiry, send us a message here or give us a call on 01252 703 196.

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