Bespoke bathroom sink cabinets constructed from pure oak

| 11th Aug

This is the beginning of something special…

Yes – we are in the process of becoming manufactures of high quality bespoke kitchens. Something we have been playing around with for a long time. It started with our painted personalised wooden toy box for children. These are constructed from moisture resistant MDF and then spray painted in one of our four standard finishes. White, Cream, French Grey and blue.

These are stunning personalised wooden gifts, and are one of the first to be painted as 99% of our engraved wooden gift range are made from solid hardwoods and finished in oil. This led to enquiries about painted bespoke kitchen and bathroom units. We find it very hard to say ‘no’, so we had to look into producing high quality cupboards and carcasses. We have been looking into all manner of different kitchen cupboard designs and are close to producing the best kitchen carcasses money can buy.

Here at MakeMeSomethingSpecial, we don’t do cheap or use materials that are not up to the job! These bespoke bathroom cabinets are constructed from oak veneer ply, making them very strong and extremely durable. Put together using traditional techniques, our carcasses are flawless in finish and about as hard-wearing as it gets.

Beautifully painted and, of course, we use only the best hardware for our doors. The hinges are excellent quality. We fit strong magnetic catches internally. Even our choice of handles are heavy weighted, elegant and simple. Of course, we can leave these out for you to happily first your own choice of handle.

This shaker style kitchen unit is fitted with one of our solid oak worktops just before we started the sink and tap fitting. This was just to show how elegant and how beautifully made our kitchen cupboards are.

The top is constructed in the same Amish American White oak we use to build our personalised wooden chopping boards, and as always, shows just how good our boards are.

The plan is, as with every kitchen board we produce, be it our chopping boards with lipped edges…

or one of our bespoke draining boards…

or one of our beautiful personalised wooden cheese boards…

…you will see that consistent, flawless, joined finish that looks like one piece of timber. This comes from lots of care and attention to detail. You can’t produce products this good if you don’t want to.

The oak worktops we make are made to order, completely from scratch and can be made to practically any size. Joining high quality timber pieces together is something we are very good at and take our time to colour match the piece of timber.

So, once we were finished with our photo shoot, this bespoke kitchen cupboard was fitted with taps and sink, along with all the waste and pipework.

This is our bespoke bathroom sink vanity unit. As you can see, a very high-end finished product.

The doors are painted inside and out and the inside of the bathroom carcass shows the oak veneer from the ply construction. The whole thing is very clean and stylish.

As you can see, this cupboard comes fitted with a middle shelf but we can also fit dovetail draws and other traditional kitchen useful fittings.

The basin is a large rectangular surface mounted sink with tall mixer tap behind. We can also fit under counter sinks with any tap arrangement you desire.

We can then either finish the wooden worktop with regular Liberian Superior Danish oil, or our very special Diamond Coating for maximum protection against water.

This is something we use as standard on items like our bathroom Wooden Duck Boards…

…as these wooden products spend their lives constantly in contact with water. If you want to prevent, as much as you can, water damage – you want this finish. Our Diamond Coating is a must have.

If you like the look of our high-end, quality bathroom vanity units, then please contact us with your dimensions and requirements. We can make these to almost any size and shape. Our contact number is 01252 703 196 or visit our online shop.

If you also like the look and quality finish of our beautiful wooden kitchen cupboards, then please get in touch.

MakeMeSomethingSpecial’s bespoke handmade kitchens are on the way!

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