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MakeMeSomethingSpecial’s Personalised Wooden Chopping Boards 

We have a new range of personalised chopping boards now available on our website. And here they are…

Engraved Oak Chopping Boards from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.co.uk

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Stunning! Made in exactly the same way we construct our premium grade Amish personalised wooden chopping boards, except these thinner, lighter, engraved wooden chopping boards are more for the cook or chef who doesn’t need his or her chopping board out set up on the worktop of there kitchen.

How we make our wooden chopping boards

Personalised Chopping Boards from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.co.uk

https://makemesomethingspecial.com/product-category/personalised-chopping-boards/ Here at MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com our Personalised Chopping Boards are hand crafted in our Surrey workshop especially for you – they make an amazing present for any occasion!

Hand selection is key when it comes to making the best wooden chopping boards on the market.

As with our premium wooden chopping boards, we take a piece of timber, check it over in its natural state. The timber we use is prime A grade, locally sourced English Oak, which comes from a Historic Country Estate no more than 20 miles from our workshop. This grade of timber is the highest, cut from the heart wood of the tree, which is where the best boards come from. These are harder, knot-less and have a very beautiful grain structure.

From there we plane the timber making it perfectly flat. We then lay them out in order, making sure the colour matches where the joins will be. With our ducks in line, we also rotate the pieces, so the grain is not all going in the same direction, making the finished joined chopping board, as much as possible, resistant to movement. The pieces, or staves, are glued and pressed together in a mechanical, hydraulic glue press and left over night to harden.

The glued board is then CNC cut to size making it 100% perfectly square and to size. From here – it is all up to you!

This is what makes practically every chopping board we make so special and bespoke. Starting with such good timber is a great start, then the careful construction of the timber makes our chopping boards strong and durable in a kitchen. However, it is the little extra special touches what make our engraved oak chopping boards unique. The options we have listed give you the ability to create a cutting board that suits you and your needs. There are no limits, you can have whatever you desire to make your wooden chopping board perfect.

  • The size: We have 5 standard sizes to choose from. Small, Medium, Large, XLarge and VLarge.
  • The Timber: These new wooden chopping boards come in either English Oak or Amish American Black Walnut.

Other Customised Options List:

  • Carved Side Handles
  • Carved Surface Groove
  • Lipped Edge
  • Carve Symbols and Motifs
  • Engraved Lettering
  • Special Message
  • The Finish

It doesn’t end there, this is literally the middle step once we have your choices set out. The finish and presentation is where our engraved oak chopping boards also excel. It is hard to explain just how very special the finish of our oak chopping boards is. You will be expecting the finish to be like what you have previously seen and used – its not!

Once all the carving and cutting is over, the finish takes a long time. Each and every wooden chopping board, no matter if it is a small serving board or a large carving board, receives the same and rigorous finishing process. It doesn’t change. We begin with coarse 8- grit sanding paper on a belt sander, which will remove any defects, blemishes or knocks the board has taken during the carving state. We then work our way down slowly through the different grades of sand paper until we hit 240grit. Most chopping board companies wilts here or the 150 grit which is coarser. Next we then hand sand the cuts, handles and groove work until silky smooth then the whole board gets a comply hand sanded last polish using 1000 grade glass paper. Once this is over the board is actually shiny and so so smooth its unbelievable.

Next we then oil our chopping boards with Liberon Pure Tung Oil. This is a child safe, heat, water and alcohol resistant oil which comes recommended for chopping boards. 3 coats of oil our boards receive whilst sanding with the same 1000 grit glass paper in-between coats and then polished. The result is a wooden chopping boards that feel like glass. You will love it!

Our Oak Chopping Board Process!

This is how we do it here at Make Me Something Special, in our Surrey Hills workshop. By hand, to order, from scratch. There are very few companies that can say that and not one who takes this much time and effort on all engraved oak chopping boards they produce. Are process is completely unique and mean we can produce a chopping board that will rival any other chopping board on the market. MMSS wooden chopping boards are simply stunning!

MakeMeSomethingSpecial’s oak chopping boards are wonderful items that adds of touch of elegance and comfortable charm, as a gift for a variety of occasions or as a personalised item in your home.

Oak wooden chopping board

These stunning personalised oak chopping boards are without doubt the finest on the market. Not often will you find an engraved kitchen board like this, that has been made with such care and attention to detail.

Let me explain why this is so…

We began as a manufacturer for professional quality wooden chopping boards, made for chefs, working kitchens, restaurants and hotels. We have supplied some of the very best names in the business with our workhorse chopping boards, earning a reputable name with our brand.


These were our original Amish American oak chopping boards, grown and managed in the Appalachian Region of New England. A highly prized timber, sourced by cabinet makers, furniture makers and for what else: chopping boards.

This timber is stronger, very beautiful and is perfect for the kitchen as a gorgeous functional tool.


Our premium oak chopping board is just one part of our luxury personalised wooden gift range and division.

If you are looking for a special gift for a friend or family member, either for a wedding or 5th wedding anniversary, this will make a fantastic gift. Perfect to engrave names on one side and date on the other.


Also a perfect present for a young aspiring chef or someone who loves to cook. They will love these boards, and you will marvel at the quality. Beautifully made, these quality wooden chopping boards will last you for many many years.


This is our premium chopping board range. We have four different timbers available, oak, maple, cherry and walnut, ideally suited to match your kitchen worktop and kitchen cupboards.

However, we now have a new range of wooden chopping boards, available in oak and walnut. This is because we have been repeatedly asked to make a English oak chopping board – ask and we shall deliver. We have now created our standard wooden chopping boards handcrafted from English Oak and American black walnut.

Personalised Wooden Chopping Board Set

I am always asked, what is a good timber?

Oak is a great timber for a chopping board. It is hard-wearing, has a beautiful grain structure and pretty much goes with most kitchens. A bit of a no-brainer, if you are planning to buy one of our chopping boards and you are not sure which timber to buy – oak or walnut, you can’t go wrong with oak.

The other timber, is our American black walnut:


This is a fabulous timber – my personal favourite.

This is a softer timber, full disclosure. So not as hard as oak, but still a hardwood, lighter in weight, but it has a denser grain which is good when it comes to moisture. If you are going to be using your wooden chopping boards at least 3 times a day for preparing food, walnut is a great timber and will be as resistant to moisture as it gets.

The best thing  with a walnut oak chopping board is the colour and grain structure. It is simply amazing, especially when you use walnut as high-quality as our Amish timber.

If you know walnut as a timber, you automatically think of a dark brown timber, but the truth is, walnut has purple aspects as well as yellow streaks. It is very beautiful and unique, also making the engraved lettering look fantastic.


Our oak chopping boards, handcrafted to order, so every one will be brand new with assurances that nothing is off the shelf. Striving for perfection, the result handmade wooden chopping boards of the highest quality.


Available with engraved lettering, carved symbols like hearts and stars and also special messages on the underside of our board.



If you want to gift someone a truly special and unique present, then you defiantly need to get them, a personalised chopping board. This is a fantastic choice of gift for a male or female adult of any age. Or, why not treat yourself to something special?

Our chopping boards are made from the finest furniture grade, American hard-woods, which can be found in the Northern Appalachian region of New England. These chopping boards have been tried, test and owned by professional chefs around the world, due to their extremely hard-wearing, durable and beautiful nature.

Our engraved chopping boards come in a variety of timbers and sizes, so you can really personalise your gift. So whether you want a cheese cutting board, a meat board or even vegetable board, we will have something to fit your requirements.

Personalised Bread Boards

With our chopping boards, you can personalise them with beautiful engraving. Just send us your message and we will engrave it into the wood for you. Our boards are not mass made, each board is carefully hand-crafted from scratch, here in the UK for you.

Engraved Chopping Boards UK from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com
So if you want to give someone a truly beautiful and special gift, make sure you add a touch of personality with it, by engraving a special message or word onto your gift. We have a huge range of luxury oak engraved items, so make sure you have a look at our shop, but click the tab at the top of this page. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01252 703 196, for more information.

If you’re looking for personalised oak chopping boards of the finest quality, MakeMeSomethingSpecial can offer you the very best oak chopping boards on the market.

Oak Chopping Boards UK from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

These boards are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Why? Because at MakeMeSomethingSpecial, we use only the finest timber in the world: Amish American White oak, found in the North Appalachian Region of New England. The Amish saw mills we source our wood from produce the very best timber this world has to offer. In a nutshell – it is one fabulous timber, and perfect for crafting long-lasting, beautiful oak chopping boards.

Oak Chopping Boards UK from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

It is harder than any other oak available – around 15% harder to be exact, with a beautiful, subtle grain pattern like no other. We love this timber, and our chopping boards have a look and finish to rival any other board you will find elsewhere the market.

Oak Chopping Boards UK from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

So, having the finest timber is a great start. We then prepare and glue up all the part – or staves as we call them – in a powerful hydraulic glue press and it stays there for several hours. Once the glue has gone hard, you have the beginnings of a oak chopping board.

Oak Chopping Boards UK from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

We then cut the chopping boards to size, we have several standard sides to choose from, cut the handles, care out any groove work and engrave the boards with personalised engraved lettering. You can choose of have engraved text on the side edges, underneath the board or on top if you want.

This is where our chopping boards come into there own. Our carved lettering is second to none.

Oak Chopping Boards UK from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

You can have as many letters as you like. We do set the amount we feel will keep your engraved lettering large and in proportion with the board but we are very flexible with extra lettering, just bear in mind your text will shrink the  more you add.

Oak Chopping Boards UK from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

You can also include carved motifs such as hearts, stars, snow flakes, zodiac signs, flowers, foot prints, line drawings, birds, animals – whatever you like, It is up to you.

You would be surprised how many different motifs we have been asked to carve, and we have accented all of these commissions and pulled them off.

Oak Chopping Boards UK from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

These engraved wooden chopping boards are thicker than the average board found on the market, 4.5cm apart from our smallest board which is 4cm thick which means better stability and less chance of cracking. Each chopping board is constructed from full length staves and are available in a variety of sizes with a choice of timbers.

Engraved Wooden Chopping Boards UK from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

After being repeatedly hand sanded, the engraved chopping boards are finished with child safe, water resistant, heat resistant and alcohol resistant Liberon oil. The finish is absolutely stunning.

Engraved Wooden Chopping Boards UK from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

This chopping board has been personally engraved with a date that is meaningful and unique, making it not only a great gift, but a reminder of something special.


Additional features like a corner bowl for herbs and spices or surface edge grooves for catching juices are also available on request. We can also engrave a secret or personal message for you on the underside of your board, making your chopping board that little bit extra special.

Your board can remain blank or you can add something like a reading from your wedding day, a favourite poem or quote, something witty, your family favourite recipe or just something secret you don’t want anyone else to see – but you know it’s there.

Dimensions and Personalised Engraving quantities:

Small – 4cm x 15cm x 25cm – up to 9 characters per side

Medium – 4.5cm x 20cm x 35cm – up to 12 characters per side

Large – 4.5cm x 25cm x 40cm – up to 15 characters per side

XLarge – 4.5cm x 30cm x 45cm – up to 18 characters per side

VLarge – 4.5cm x 35cm x 50cm – up to 20 characters per side

Shipping: £ 9.99

A gift for an anniversary or a milestone birthday doesn’t necessarily have to be a big present at all. In fact, our small engraved chopping boards have proven extremely popular amongst a wide variety of customers!

We have just made this beautiful little engraved chopping board with personalised inscription for a customer for her parents birthday and what a lovely gift it is!

Small Engraved Chopping Boards from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

She had asked for their initials to be carved on one side and 50 years on the other. We always give you both sides to personally engrave on any of our engraved chopping boards, no matter what size it is.

It is a very special little gift that will be loved an adored by the receivers I’m sure. Ideal for a small cheese board for two.

Small Engraved Chopping Boards from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

All of our engraved chopping boards are hand crafted from scratch, here in the UK in our own workshop, using the hardest, most magnificent and most highly prized timber in the world. We use only the finest furniture grade American hard-woods found in the Northern Appalachian region of New England, supplied by sustainably managed Amish saw mills.

Small Engraved Chopping Boards from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

These small engraved chopping boards make the perfect gift, whether it’s for a wedding, a birthday or even a 5th wedding anniversary. They make a great addition to a nice kitchen, no matter what style your home may be, modern or traditional. They really do add they ‘cosey home’ vibe. If you like the look of these small engraved chopping boards and you think you know somebody who is going to really appreciate them, get in touch with us today for enquiries or take a look at more engraved chopping boards.

Stunning Personalised Oak Chopping Board – The Perfect Gift

A gift to someone you care about should be a gift that’s personal and had real thought put into it, especially on a special occasion such as a wedding or an anniversary. A high quality hand-made chopping board alone is a beautiful and thoughtful idea, so add the more personal factor with an engraving of your choice to one of our engraved chopping boards to really put the cherry on the cake.

But this isn’t just an average engraved chopping board with a personal touch. Only the finest American hardwoods found in the Northern Appalachian region of New England, grown and managed by the Amish are used to create these personalised wooden masterpieces. They are constructed to be real workhorses. Thicker than most chopping boards you will find else where for stability, these stunning kitchen boards make great gifts for absolutely anyone and everyone, with the choice of American White Oak, North American Black Rock Maple, North American Cherry and North American Black Walnut. Believe me, nothing comes close to the quality of these stunning timbers.

Engraved Chopping Boards from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

One of our Large engraved chopping board shown here in American Black Walnut. One of our round maple cheese boards with engraved lettering on the edge and two carved initials on the surface.

Engraved Chopping Boards from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

XLarge chopping board in beautiful North American Cherry. These images don’t do it justice. You really need to see one in real life to get the full picture. Cherry is extremely admirable.

Personalised Chopping Board Created by MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

Last not by far not least, our American White Oak in all its glory. Very hard and extremely dense with a grain structure that has no rival.

All these stunning boards are handmade from scratch for you, carefully constructed from hand selected full length staves for stability. We will personalise your beautiful chopping board with whatever you want, making them perfect 5th wedding anniversary gifts. Whether it be a name, a quote or a message to a loved one for a gift, the end result is absolutely stunning. Even the addition of stars or hearts, special messages and groove work are available.

Every board is repeatedly hand sanded with numerous layers of Liberon child safe, water resistant, heat resistant, alcohol resistant oil applied to the engraved chopping boards for a clean, silky smooth finish. You will not find anything like these kind of boards on the market – They are stunning! Beauty is guaranteed.

We have engraved wooden chopping boards for a multitude of purposes. For bread, spices and herbs and even your Sunday roast! You can engrave them how you wish and they make a perfect addition to your home. Like our other personalised chopping boards they are made from the best quality woods the world has to offer.


The timber his grown by the Amish in the North Appalachian Region of New England. Felled and managed by Amish saw mills, and shipped to us in the UK where we turn it into our beautiful wooden chopping boards. Every piece of timber is hand selected by us to make sure it is knot and defect free, then it is cleaned, planed, glued together in an industrial hydraulic glue-press and left to for 48 hours.

We then carve our customers personalised lettering, which we have created our own specific font to really stand out and look better then anyone else can produce. It is a process we have been developing for many years now – it has been worth the effort, as the end result is just fantastic!


…This is one of our large oak chopping boards with a special message on the underside. What would your message be?


…This is one of our handmade oak serving boards with engraved text. Adding special times, dates or even coordinates is a great idea for preserving a personal memory that you share with a loved one.


..and our personalised oak cheese board with engraved lettering. You can customise your engraved wooden chopping board by adding grooves and bowls, lipped edges for extra stability, crumb catching bread board grooves and carving grooves with collecting juice wells.

These little extra touches make your engraved chopping board that little bit extra special, more practical and personal. These boards will last you for years and years.

Engraved Wooden Chopping Boards UK from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

If you want an engraved chopping board then look no further then here. Make Me Something Special has it covered and no one does it better.

Engraved Wooden Chopping Boards from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

I was on the phone the other day with a customer who was ordering a personalised wooden chopping board as a wedding gift for a friend. As we were going throughout the various options like personalised engraving, carved hearts, surface groovers etc… we began to chat about this and that – ‘how long have you been making personalised chopping boards?’ – ‘how we make them?’ – the oil we use… she then asked  – What was the first chopping board you ever made?’

I tell you what – this took me back!

…and here it is and I still use it today.


Made about 12 years ago, this was the first wooden chopping board I made, not forgetting a wooden bread board I made in school, but that wasn’t very good. It consists of three timbers. American White Oak, North American Black Walnut and North American Cherry. I love it, there is something special about a wooden chopping board with a stripe – I don’t know why, I think it looks and feels handmade and is a bit unusual.


The walnut and cherry are both only 5mm thick. The board it self about 18cm x 28cm and is around 40mm thick. I think it is stunning and lives in my kitchen cupboard. I use it to serve nibbles and things on it. As you can see – it has had some wear and tear over the years but still in one piece and looking lovely.


Just goes to show. Make Me Something Special’s wooden chopping boards do last. They are built for it and we have never changed the way we make them. Bespoke kitchen boards is something we really enjoy making.

Here is a few of our stunning works:

Large Round Personalised wooden Cheese Board:

A very large round personalised wooden cheese board. This measured 50cm in diameter and weight over 6kg. Made from our highly prized American White oak, this large oak cheese platter board was truly a thing of beauty.


large-wooden-cheese-boards-makemesomethingspecial.co.ukBespoke Maple Chopping Board with two lipped edges and waste hole:

This was also a very large wooden chopping board. Constructed from solid American Black Rock Maple and was designed specifically to spam a kitchen island and grip onto both edges with the overhanging lipped edges.

I particularly like the centre waste cut out. There is a cover to this wooden chopping board. All peelings and waste once cut is simply discarded down the hole and then closed.



Personalised Walnut chopping board with hand writing engraved lettering:

This novel wooden chopping board was engraved with the customers own handwriting. This truly is a very striking and beautiful personalised wooden gift.

Handcrafted from solid American Black Walnut, this engraved chopping board looks so good and even has a further inscription on the back of the board.

Personalised Walnut Chopping Board With Lip - Makemesomethingspecial


If you want something special for your kitchen in the form of a good quality wooden chopping board, you will not find better. Make Me Something Special make the best chopping boards in the UK and it is not hard to see why.

Take a look at our images, read our reviews, watch our videos – the quality of our timbers and way we finish out boards is unmatched. This is something we are very proud of and we will keep doing it because it is what we are all about – the quality! It has became a popular saying with us and still is said today – MMSS chopping boards are simply stunning!!

If you would like to contact us please either call or email us.

TEL: 01252 703 196

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