Why Are Our Personalised Chopping Boards Made From Staves?

General | 11th Oct

I have been asked this question a thousand times over – why are your personalised chopping boards made from staves and not a single piece of timber?


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Firstly – what are staves?

Staves are the parts making up a chopping board or in much larger cases – worktops. In fact, both are very similar in construction and when you think about it, it is nearly impossible to get a kitchen worktop that isn’t made from multiple parts.

The reason is a simple one. Wood is a natural product and no matter what how carefully you treat it – it’s going to move! It is as frustrating for joiners as it is for customers. The trick is to do all you can to prevent as little movement as possible. Many things play a part in ensuring this, how well the timber has been dried, is it good quality heart wood, are there any defects and so on… Believe me – it does not matter how thick the timber is, if it hasn’t been prepared or finished properly – it will cup and twist.

The answer is – joining timber together. When you do this, the pieces of timber aren’t as free to move as they were. When gluing, you need to ensure the growth rings are not going in the same direction, so if they move they cancel each other out, making the board very stable – the glue helps too.

Even our smallest personalised chopping boards, though it is only 15cm wide, is made from two staves. And from there we progress consistently across the range. Our medium and large chopping boards has three staves, our X Large chopping board has four and finally, our V Large chopping board has five staves.

Don’t be fooled however, you can buy for very little money chopping boards and worktops made up of multiple finger joined parts. This is not the same thing. These types of boards are constructed from off cuts and a vast mixture of heart and sap woods, riddled with knots and defects.

You will notice, all of our kitchen boards are made from full length staves, meaning, they run the whole length of the board. This is a sign of good quality construction, the longer the staves – without defects – the more expensive the timber. This also creates a much better end result when it comes to appearance, giving the look of a single piece of timber rather than several.

My opinion is – if you look at our handmade personalised chopping boards and the joined timbers are very different in colour – they’re not trying!


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