Personalised Wooden Key Racks

General | 2nd Dec

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Oak in its simplest form.

These personalised wooden key racks are just beautiful…

Personalised Wooden Key Racks from

No hooks, no slots, just touch the oak with your keys and there they stay on our engraved magnetic wooden key racks.

Deep within the oak lies very powerful magnets that will hold even the biggest bunch of keys. If you want something unique in your hallway to organise your keys – this is it. We have many sizes to choose, to suit couples right up to wooden key racks wide enough to hold up to six sets of keys.

Available blank, with standard engraving “KEYS” or you can have them personalised with your own choice of words or lettering. Perfect for family names, house name, co-ordinates, postcode, dates, poems, saying or other such likes.

Personalised Wooden Key Racks from

We launched these exquisite wooden key organisers at the Country Living Show in London and we just have to share a couple of reviews with you.

Submitted on 2014/05/08 at 7:49 pm Personalised wooden key rack

Ordered a wooden key rack for 4 sets of keys. Product looks fantastic and is admired by all guests. The magnet is extremely strong and easily holds large sets of keys. The engraving is beautifully done and adds the perfect personal touch.

Submitted on 2013/11/26 at 11:27 pm Personalised Key Organiser 

Bought what I think is the coolest key organiser idea I have ever seen!
It arrived today and when I got in from work the first thing I did was get it up on my wall and hung my keys on it. I love it!!!!!!!
I will be in touch soon I have an idea I think you may be able to help me with.
Thanks again

Submitted on 2013/11/26 at 11:21 pm Personalised Key rack

Received my oak key rack today since ordering at the Country Living Show, London. It is such a clever, original idea, I just had to have one! As you know my order was very large and it all arrived beautifully packaged, safe and sound. I have to say I love everything I received and I am defiantly coming back for more.
Look forward to seeing you at your next show.

Personalised Wooden Key Racks from

If, however, you want something more simple, we have a very elegant wooden key bowl to store your keys in so you always know where they are.

Handmade from prime A grade English Oak, these beautiful wooden bowls are also very useful to store spare change, jewellery, cufflinks and other bits and bobs that may need a home.

Personalised Wooden Key Racks from

If you would like to order one of our personalised wooden key organisers, please contact us.

TEL: 01252 703 196

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