Personalised Wooden Gifts in Walnut

General | 3rd Sep

I have one word for you… Walnut!

Here at Make Me Something Special, walnut is fast becoming a more popular choice than oak.

Our personalised wooden gifts are made from oak 90% of the time, with walnut coming behind in second. But all of a sudden, walnut seems to be catching peoples attention when it comes to gift buying.

It began with our new solid walnut bookends. These absolutely stunning wooden bookends have such a beautiful grain structure and mixture of colours. Walnut, especially American Black Walnut which is considered one of the most highly prized timber in the world, makes wooden gifts like bookends so very special.

Solid Walnut Bookends:

Personalised Wooden Gifts in Walnut from

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These wooden bookends can be personalised with lettering, poems, quotes, dates, big initials, just like our engaged oak bookends and are sold individually. So you can by just one if that is all you require.

The measurements are 90mm thick x 150mm deep x 200mm tall and weigh about 2 kilos. Sturdy enough to hold a good selection of paperbacks or hardbacks.

Personalised Wooden Gifts in Walnut from

The thing about these wooden bookends is the look, even these images don’t capture the depth of colour and grain. If you want personalised wooden gifts that will blow you away, these wooden bookends are simply stunning and will look good in any room – be it a lounge, kitchen, bedroom, study or even a children’s play room or nursery.

Personalised Wooden Gifts in Walnut from

Personalised solid Walnut tea light candle holders: 

New to our production line is these very beautiful wooden tea light candle holders. As pretty as the bookends, these good-looking solid walnut tea light runners look fabulous on shelves, sideboards or down the centre of tables. The great thing being walnut, is if you have an oak table, which a lot of people do, the contrast is very striking with a much darker timber. Your tea light holder all stand out and be a very beautiful table centre piece whilst you are entertaining.

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This particular wooden gift was a present for my wife and business partner, Davina, for our wedding anniversary. And yes, she is the Girl who Rocks my World! – Oh yes!

I have to say, gift aside, a tea light holder in walnut does look great. I love walnut – my favourite wooden chopping board material choice is walnut, simply because I love the way it looks. Take a look at my personal walnut end grain chopping board I made for myself 2 years ago. Even though we have a 2 meter long lipped chopping board, I still this one set up because I just can’t stop using it.

Personalised Wooden Gifts in Walnut from

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Back to tea light holders! If you want a wooden tea light holder that is better than anything you have ever seen, I can guarantee you are going to love walnut.

Our new tea light holders, as with our oak ones, come with personalised engraved lettering on one or two faces and include glass tea light candle inserts. You can engrave them with whatever you please!

Personalised Wooden Gifts in Walnut from

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If you like the look of our new walnut products and would like to order one or know more about them, get in touch with us today!

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