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Personalised Wooden Bookends are Ideal Retirement Gifts

Here at Make Me Something Special, we have been making personalised wooden bookends for many years. They are very beautiful, unique and work as beautiful gifts for many different occasions.

These stunning one-off bespoke oak bookends were commissioned as a retirement gift.

The bookends featured a retirement message on both front faces, as well as carved motifs on the sides edges. Four faces in total, so when books are being held in position all four carved faces are visible.
The crests were copied from a painting emailed from the church, which we had to trace. This is a service we can offer when a vector or PDF image is not available.

It is a time-consuming task but sometimes it is the only way to create a carving in timber.

These carved motif’s featured a very intricate rope designs, tiny lettering and other very small and precise detailing.

Both very striking and beautiful engraving work, something special we create on a  daily basis in our Surrey Hills workshop.


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