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General | 8th Jun

If you’re looking for a gift for a special occasion – like a wedding – then we have the perfect gift for the bride and groom. MakeMeSomethingSpecial makes the finest personalised wooden tea light holders on the market.

Firstly the timber… Our tea light holders come in both solid, one piece, English Oak and Amish American Black Walnut.

Personalised Oak Tea Light Holders:


Our Walnut Personalised Tea Light Holders:


Both timbers are very beautiful and hand selected, by us, to ensure the highest quality. Our engraved oak tea light holders are a honey blonde colour with a beautiful grain that will be completely knotless. The walnut, slightly softer and lighter in weight has a grain structure that is second to none, it will contain black streak with light yellow and also hints of purple. It really is one stunning timber.


Next, the size…

Our engraved tea light candle holders come with plenty of sizes to chose from. Form 1 tea light, all the way up to 10 tea lights, idea for choosing that perfect gift at a price that suits you.

All our tea light candle racks come with glass tea light candle inserts, so the candles are completely away from the timber, so there is less chance of stray wax finding its way onto the wood.


Next the personalised engraving…

The front face of the wood tea light holder come with personalised engraving of your choice included in the price. Up to a set amount of characters stated when you choose your candle holder size. Don’t worry too much if your inscription goes over the set amount, we are very flexible with this and will happily add a few extra characters for no extra cost. Just bear in mind your engraved lettering will shrink in size the more letters you add.


This is a great example, as you can see the shorter text is bigger and more bold. On the other hand, if you just have to get a message on the edge of your tea light and only need a small amount of candles, then we can always engrave the lettering over two lines.

personalised-christening-tea-light-holder-makemesomethingspecial.co.uk personalised-engraved-christening-gifts-tea-light-holders-makemesomethingspecial.co.uk

The best thing is you can also include the reverse side of the candle holder to add further inscription if you want. The usual thing is to have names on one side and date on the other, perfect as a wedding or anniversary gift.


You can also add carved symbols, such as carved stars, hearts and other great motifs. These really make your personalised tea light holder stand out. The quality of our carving is just fantastic! We have been making these engraved tea light holders for many years now and the most popular thing is a carved heart either side of a name or names.


And if you love hearts, we have our own special carved motif called – SIMPLY HEARTS. It is exactly what it says, no lettering – just hearts, and they look fantastic!

Available in three standard sizes.


If you need some inspiration, here a great idea for making these tea light holders really personal. Engrave coordinates! A special place, church location, honeymoon destination, co-ordinates look fantastic and are secret until the location is looked up.


There is also another way to personalise your tea light holder. Underneath there is enough space to add a special message, quote poem or just a few words that can’t be seen. This is what we call our Special Message option. It is, as I say, add a few words that no one else knows they’re there. This is where customers have added words of love, a thank you message, love from all the family and names and a message form parents to there children on their wedding day. It is a great little option.


Festive personalised tea light holders is something we released last Christmas with our very beautiful and unique Holly & Berry motif:

This oak tea light holder was simply stunning. Comes in a 7 tea light arrangement, with our motif on either side of the lettering NOEL included.


This was a great success. Make Me Something Special is all about the quality and this is exactly what we do. We engraved lettering and carved illustrations better than anyone else. Our handpicked timber ensures the finest quality finish.


The same special motif was also available on our single round tea light holder and oak pillar tea light holder. As a table centre piece a candle holder like this will bring such a festive glow to your home.


We also have several other personalised tea light candle holders to choose from. These are as follows:

Personalised Pillar Tea Light Candle Holder:


Handmade form 100mm thick solid oak, hand turned and personalised with all the same extras as with our long personalised tea light holder.

We even have the SIMPLY HEARTS motif available.


and of course, the special message option even applies to these large round engraved tea light holders.


Personalised Single Tea Light Candle Holder:


These are great! Seen here in our SIMPLY HEARTS motif, but as with all our personalised tea light holders you can have engraved text of your choice.

You have two options with this round personalised tea light candle holder. On the surface and around the edge.


This image is showing the tea light holder with a missing glass insert but these wooden single candle holders do come with them as standard. They are a beautiful little gift and will look great no matter where you put it in your home.


One last thing… You can also add tea light candle holders to our personalised wooden Stocking Holder and our 5th wedding anniversary block and Christening blocks.

Personalised 5th Wedding anniversary block:


See more 5th wedding anniversary gifts

Personalised Christening Block:


Christmas Stocking Holder:


If you would like to order one of our personalised wooden tea light candle holders or discuss a bespoke order, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

Send us a message via our contact form or give us a call on 01252 703 196.

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