Great British Bake off – Bread Week

General | 7th Sep

Bread! Mmm I LOVE bread… and, I love bread week on The Great British Bake Off.

Bread is a wonderful versatile staple in most of our homes. Baking bread is not so much of an exact science like cakes. You can easily adapt and change a recipe, use ingredients to suit your tastes and, once you get the hang of it, its really quick and easy to make and fit in to your lifestyle. And if you really don’t have the time to bake bread by hand (fellow bakers, hands over ears please) cheat! Sometimes I just have too much going on with Make Me Something Special, school runs and daily life, but I still like to have freshly baked bread, so I use a bread maker. I have tried and tested a few in my life. None of them have i ever liked, except this one Panasonic SD 2501. It does a wonderful job of turning out a lovely shaped loaf, or kneading the dough for you…Here are some of the types of bread I like to make for my family –

A traditional farmhouse. What better way to start the day than eating a piece of delicious buttery toast and a cup of tea. Neatly displayed in our handy crumb catching wooden Toast Rack, toast is always first choice in our home  –

personalised engraved solid oak toast rack

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French baguettes are perfect to take on a picnic or for a quick lunch on the go. We make this lightweight and easily portable Baguette Board, which is fantastic to pop in your picnic hamper to use as a chopping and for preparing on  –

solid oak baguette serving board paddle

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Then there’s the light and airy Focaccia. We love to rip off a piece and mop up the precious lemony, garlic sauce from those scrumptious prawns.

…snacking on a cheesy breadstick, or chelsea bun always goes down well with my children…the possibilities are endless, but bread definitely has its place in our home. The only problem is trying not to eat too much of it!

Here are some other accessories that we make –

Wooden Bread Boards

Personalised Oak Bread Board from

Bread Bin

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…and this one has nothing to do with bread or baking, its just because.. :-)

This is Rufus. The latest addition to our family and he makes a very good workshop dog :-) Here he is snuggled up against the Aga on a super hot day, casually posing with one of our  Personalised Wooden Dog Bowls. You can’t help but love him!

So, thats it for this week… tag me in to your bakes… I’d love to see them :-)

Davina x

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