Everyone Loves Personalised Oak Doorstops

Got a door you need keeping open? One solution is a solid oak doorstop


Our engraved wooden door stops are lovingly hand-crafted from English oak beams. We select the prettiest beams by hand and eye, picking out the best looking pieces, elegant cracks and pretty knots – one with beautiful character, full of natural beauty.

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We clean them up until they gleam but they still keep their very rustic look, like you have owned them for years.


When we set to work transforming these character beams, you can probably imagine, they are rough sawn and dull in colour – you really get a great indication of what the end result will look like.

We sand then several times, using finer grades of sand paper as we go, we chamfer the edges, straighten them up top and bottom to make sure they stand up straight. It takes time and care.

Even though these chunky wooden doorstops are split and cracked and give the impression they are going to be rough to touch, but you will be amazed how smooth they are. We hand sand the finial finish – pre oiling, as we do with all of our wooden gifts until they are silky smooth.

Personalised Oak Doorstops | MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

As well as rubber feet, we also fit a stunning cast iron ring, hand forged in the UK. We love it. It gives our oak doorstops such a heavy duty, quality feel.

These wooden doorstops weigh approximately 3.5 kilos, making them man enough for the job to hold heavy doors. If you own a newly made home, you will know they come with fire safe doors which close automatically once open, which is great but if you want to keep them open on a permanent basis, we think something good looking is essential.


Last but not least, the carving…

You can have whatever you choose engraved on a doorstop. Names, dates, co-ordinates, carved symbols, even a big initial. If you are wanting to have lots of text, you can also choose to engrave on one, two or all four faces.


These big wooden personalised door stops make the best wedding, anniversary, birthday and housewarming gifts. They are practical, personal, beautiful, luxurious, quality wooden gifts.

If you would like to order one of these mighty oak doorstops, then please contact us.

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