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General | 8th Feb

We really do love what we do here at Make Me Something Special.

Our personalised engraved lettering on our oak gifts vary from the most heart felt messages to a simply initial. Names, dates, company and house names, generic messages and witty wording.

These are some of our favourites.

Burnt Toast… Now that is a good one!

One of our four slice personalised wooden toast racks.


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…and that is one of things that we love the most here – engraving very special words into our products. It is amazing, the versatility of our wooden gifts, they can become so simple, like the name of a house on a wooden magnetic key racks  –  to something dramatic and very personal, like… will you marry me on a personalised chopping board or tree swing. It is completely up to you what you have carved on our of our oak gifts.

We have written some very beautiful things for our customers for many different occasions. Sometimes to make the birth of a child or the death of an old relative.

Personalised wooden tree swing: 


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Personalised wooden Christening blocks:


Shop Christening Blocks

For a newly married couple to mark a 5th wedding anniversary.

Our oak tea light candle holders:


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However, we would like to share some of our favourite engraved inscriptions:

– A secret message engraved inside one of our personalised toy boxes.

“If you never did you should. These thing are fun and fun is good!”  –  Dr. Seuss

– One of our engraved garden tree swings very recently.

“Always at full swing”

– A large personalised Carving Board for him.

“The most yummy chef” 

– One of our personalised oak floating shelves.

“Dreams do come true”

– A very special oak house sign, to be hung inside, above the front door for all to see.

Line 1 – co-ordinates

Line 2 – “Where it all began” 

On one of our lipped chopping boards.

“I kneaded this”

An old fashioned way of writing ‘etc’ on one of our personalised oak phone and tablet stands.

“Tablet &c.” 

Engraved on an oak tea light holder.

Side 1 ~ Diana ~

Side 2 “Very special lady” 

On one of our wooden key racks.

“Here they are…”

An old classic which we have engrave many many times on a personalised wooden chopping board.

“Rob’s Chopper”

Another classic on our wooden wine rack.

“Vintage + date”

And last but not least – one we came up with that works so well on our mobile phone and tablet wooden desk organisers.

Line 1 – “His & Hers” or names

Line 2 – “Always in sync”

You can’t beat something that makes you smile when you read it or that sparks the warmest of memories.

If you would like to order one of our personalised oak gifts, then please contact us.

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