Wooden Honours Boards

| 21st Mar

You might have seem this carved crest before on some of our other bespoke wooden projects.

The carving is of a local public school crest and this time we were asked to commission three very large solid oak Honours boards.


Shop Honours Boards

The boards were all bespoke made to match existing honours boards in the school but were their’s had a flat painted crest, we went one better with a 3D carved oak crest and to also match a certain entrance hall coffee table also commissioned by us.


Shop Coffee Tables

However, this was not a large carved crest in the centre of a 1.5meter long solid oak coffee table, this had to be made to the size of a blazer pocket badge. In fact the detail was so small we actually used a 1mm diameter cutter to pick out the finer detailing. Amazingly we managed to carve the same 3D crest as displayed on the previous coffee table.


And there was three of them to do…


The boards were constructed and finished all by hand in our Surrey Hills workshop using locally sourced english oak.

The frame work was completely bespoke to match the existing honours boards but was something we are set to do due to the manufacture of personalised wooden photo frames we currently make.

The oak honours boards were finished in Superior Danish Oil and awaited the arrival of gold leaf stencilled lettering to finish them off.

They did turn out beautifully and proved to be a very enjoyable made to measure project.

Just goes to show, you can create great things when you try, even if you have never a temped it before.


If you’d like to make you a bespoke honours board or plaque, then send us a message via our contact form or give us a call on 01252 703 196.

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