One of our best carvings on oak – must see!

| 14th Aug

This needs no introduction…

When MakeMeSomethingSpecial began back in 2007, I genuinely believed that if I was going to make a product or if a customer requested something unique from me, I was going to start with the notion that it was going to be great and that no one could do it better.

Whilst designing very clever and functional products like magnetic key racks, the finest bespoke toy boxes, welly racks and so on, the artistic flare would always be present in what I was making. I never make something with a ‘that’ll do’ approach.

I remember distinctly a customer telephoning me, who had seen my website and wanted nothing more than a piece of timber, finished to our usual high standard, but literally a simple length of oak to put her computer on so it was raised off the desk. I was happy to do this, but only a few days before I had the idea to make a computer stand out of oak but with a compartment so your keyboard and mouse could be housed when not in use.

Thus… our Oak computer stand was born…

Though the customer hadn’t initially intended to purchase something so beautiful and well designed, I had to run the idea past her, just as a passing comment, to see if it would be of interest and at the same time allow me to make a new product and I had wanted to bring to life. She loved the idea and something special came to be.

This is relevant to the oak chopping board in question. Again, a customer called me to ask if it was possible to make a bespoke board with a very tricky carving on the surface. She hadn’t chosen a size or style and to ask if it could be achieved. An email later the design came in… Tricky!

The design was very complicated, one that would test me! I have said before, I love a challenge, so gave the customer a quote, which she agreed and would collect in person from our workshop.

The task was tricky to say the least, but one that was incredibly enjoyable as the design was one I really liked. Many hours later and the board was done, and I have to say – one of the finest carvings I have produced. The customer was over the moon with the quality of the carving, as was I.

I love the birds in flight but it is the tree that blows me away. It almost looks as if there are actually birds making up the bulk of the tree waiting to fly away. Though I was not responsible for creating the actual design, carving the design was its own reward. I really love what I do!

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