Hand Carved Oak Acorn Finial

| 22nd Jan

A few months ago we were making a personalised oak height chart for a customer.

That day during a lunchtime break, the workforce were sat eating lunch as usual but one of the team was sat quietly by himself with nothing but a scrap of oak and a Stanley blade in his hands and carved out a beautiful little oak acorn.

engraved-height-chart-makemesomethingspecialThis little carved wooden gift idea was sparked by the engraved wording on the wooden height chart. “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow”

So, a customer saw this little oak acorn on our Blog and asked if we could make one for a jewelry project he was working on. He wanted it to be very special!

– of course – that is exactly what we do.


This very pretty little hand carved acorn is made from English Oak and our American Black Walnut. We glued the two pieces together and then carved out the acorn.

handmade-wood-gifts-makemesomethingspecial.co.ukPersonally, I think this is better than the original. I love the contrast between the two different pieces of wood, it is a marriage made in heaven.


hand-carved-wooden-gifts-makemesomethingspecial.co.ukIt’s cute isn’t it, however, very soon after this another customer contacted us and said can we hand carve an acorn but much larger.

Yes – of course we can,” we said.

The customer wanted a carved oak finial for the bottom of her staircase and one that look very natural, a little rustic, but most importantly unlike the mass-produced finials – the sort you will find on the ends of curtain poles, very uniform and bland.

So – we take a solid block of English Oak, the same oak block we use to make our Personalised Oak doorstop.

hand-carved-oak-gifts-makemesomethingspecial.co.ukand a chainsaw, a chisel, a belt sander and an hour later we have something like this…

hand-carved-oak-finial-makemesomethingspecial.co.ukoak-finials-uk-makemesomethingspecial.co.ukThen we begin to sand and sand, carve and sand a bit more and then…

carved-acorn-finial-makemesomethingspecial.co.ukNow we have to darken the cup and we have a very unique way of doing it.

handmade-carved-decorative-finials-makemesomethingspecial.co.ukhandmade-oak-finials-uk-makemesomethingspecial.co.ukhand-made-oak-finials-makemesomethingspecial.co.ukFrom here it is a case of removing any unwanted burnt areas and then begin the fine finishing.

hand-made-wooden-gifts-makemesomethingspecial.co.uk carved-oak-products-makemesomethingspecial.co.ukhandmade-wooden-finials-makemesomethingspecial.co.ukhandmade-oak-acorn-finial-makemesomethingspecial.co.ukhand-carved-wooden-finials-makemesomethingspecial.co.uk

The finished product is quite an eye opener. Imagine, people seeing it for the first time in your home, it is a thing of beauty and charm and is totally unique in style and because each of our oak finials will be hand carved – no two will ever be the same.

An all too common expression is wood carvers don’t just carve what they want from wood they actually find the object within. Quite often we will be sat there, carving away at a piece of timber – making a customers order and the beauty within the timber dictates that it wants to become something entirely different.

I don’t want to be an acorn!” it seems to say. “I want to be a giraffe!”

In situations like this, if one of the children or Davina hasn’t already taken it away and hidden it, you will quite often find these little one-offs on our website for sale.

hand-carved-acorn-makemesomethingspecial.co.ukThis sort of thing doesn’t just have to be a finial and simply for decoration. These can make perfect doorstop, they weigh approximately 5-6kg so no problem for external doors.

acorn-door-stop-oak-makemesomethingspecial.co.ukI have to say, compared to our standard wooden doorstop –  don’t know which one I prefer.
















If you have any questions about one of the products you saw in this post or would like to place a bespoke order, send us a message via our contact form or give us a call on the number above to talk to us directly. We’d love to hear from you.

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