Fingerprint Impression Blocks

| 5th May

MakeMeSomethingSpecial were recently contacted with a brief to make something completely unique, that was perfect as a gift, using the same style but something unlike we were already making, something that no one had ever done before.

Are only instructions were it had to be small, something intended to display in a cabinet or on a mantle piece. A keep sake, a thing of beauty and something deeply personal for the receiver.


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We had many ideas, some of which are coming and being made in the pipeline, but this is the one that made it through. This is our new wooden fingerprint impression block. 45mm thick Solid English Oak with the most personal and unique thing you can carve into a piece of wood.

The best thing I love about it, is it looks as if you have literally squashed your fingerprint into the oak surface and it had left your impression as if it was a soft piece of clay or wax. Of course this is impossible, it is all down to many hours of carving and finishing.

We will be introducing his and hers fingerprint blocks as well as siblings and family impression blocks, as well as introducing it as an personal option on some of our existing wooden products, however, if you are one of those who is already planning to place an order for one of these and are reading this blog and wanting to have more than one fingerprint to your wall plaque, we will be putting up images very soon but if you can’t wait, we can offer you are preview service which allows you to see a digital image of your wooden block for you to approve before work begins.

You can also add personalised engraving to your fingerprint wall plaque, either above or below or both. Up to 20 characters. Choose to have baby or child’s name, date of birth, baby weight, time of birth, the current age the impression was done, what ever your heart desires. These do look so very special on shelves, mantles, cabinets or hung directly form the wall. All of our fingerprint impression blocks all come with our invisible screw head fixings so you can attach it to the wall with no screws or fitting on display.

This is one of those things that you will have  on display in your home – everyone who visits who hasn’t seen it before will walk past, stop, stare, and say: “Oh that is interesting, what is it… oh wow! – that is beautiful! This is exactly what happen with our workforces wives, office staff, I’m not joking – everyone who saw it thought it was so beautiful they couldn’t stop themselves touching it.

That is the other great thing about wood – it is very tactile!

The process is so easy and only takes a few minutes to do. Once we have your finger print these stunning works of art can be caved and finished in our normal turn around time of 7 – 10 working days.

To order one of these fingerprint impression blocks go directly to the product page now or contact us by email or by phone.

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