Engraved Wooden Award Shields for ELGC USA

| 15th Aug

A very recent commission for a East Lakes Golf Club in the US…

These simple, elegant engraved wooden award shields were for the Golf Club SWAT winners.

The 5 winners would receive one of these beautiful handmade wooden awards. The golf club requested their logo to be copied along with a carved motif and lettering to be engraved onto an oak shield.

The shield had to be of a certain size and shape and also had to be able to be mounted to a wall.


So, naturally we used our invisible screw head fixings. These are great, really well-engineered steel fittings that will take a huge amount of weight. We use them on our personalised wooden wall plaque and engraved wooden house signs which some of these can be up to 10kg in weight and held by just 2 of these fittings. Then all you have to do is drill 2 screws into the wall.

The shields themselves are 1” thick solid English oak and each one identical in size. The shield shape is then cut and chamfered to soften the outside cut.


The lettering and logo were cut with precision, the logo was an identical match to the Golf Club – as you would expect.

elgc_logo-lrgWe use the very finest diamond cutters to cut our lettering and the results are evident. Each engraved letter is then finished by hand until perfect. The best thing is the angle we cut the lettering. Unlike standard machined lettering, which is 2D, our 3D V-carved lettering is beyond compare. It captures the light and the shadow they create adds significant depth of the letters.

Just perfect really. We are very proud of our engraving.


Another very enjoyable commission, completed within a week and shipped out to the USA on a tracked and signed for two day service. In time for award ceremony as promised.

If you would like to discuss having a wooden engraved award made or another special order to your specific requirements, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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