Commemorative wooden wall plaque

| 22nd Apr

This stunning solid walnut commemorative wall plaque with hand painted gold lettering was ordered by Stoll, London – for the opening of their new building for housing and helping Veterans.

Commemorative wooden wall plaque

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The plaques was to commemorate the opening by HRH the Countess of Wessex and unveiled on the 23rd March 2015 and very much part of the celebration.

The wall plaque measured 90cm long and 65cm tall, cut into a large oval to match other exciting plaques at Stoll. We created it in the same fashion we construct our personalised wooden chopping boards, the plaque is made from full length super stave parts – joined pieces of solid American Block Walnut, clamped and squeezed together under huge tension in a hydraulic glue press.

The shape is then cut, we added a very large bevelled edge and engraved the large decretive lettering ready for the liquid gold to be finely painted by hand.

personalised commemorative plaques by

Every letter was hand painted, as we do with our handcrafted wooden house signs. This takes many many hours and several coats applied until they are perfect.

The finish of the gold against the black walnut is such a great combination. It really works well, but its is only when the coat of oil are applied does the walnut really comes into its own and the beauty of the natural timber begins to show its deep, rich colours.

handmade wooden award plaques by

handmade wooden award plaques by

The result is breathtaking! Several coats of different oils are applied in order to bring out the colour but to also protect and seal the timber.

The finish is a semi satin/gloss finish. Perfect for this kind of plaque.

handmade wooden award plaques by our wall fittings are fitted in the back of the plaque, ready for hanging. Four in total, ideal as this commemorative wall plaque weighed around 12kg

Stunning in every way.

Another beautiful and stunning bespoke handcrafted wooden product form Make Me Something Special. We love making wall plaques and this was a pleasure to create and a very enjoyable commission.

If you are looking for or need something bespoke making in wood, then send us a message via our contact form or give us a call on 01252 703 196.

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