Bespoke Sideboard Unit

| 18th Jul

This stunning handcrafted oak sideboard unit was commissioned by Charter House School, Godalming, Surrey.

It was for the main entrance to one of the boarding houses and had to feature some very innovative and unique design qualities.

It had to be very contemporary in design, hard wearing in construction and to be both, a low level sideboard so the students could sit on it if they chose, but to also cover up an old radiator on the wall behind. It also had to have coloured draws of their choosing but to feature a specific colour, ‘Lilac’ which was that particular House colour.

Bespoke Sideboard Unit |

The design was very contemporary. As required, a low level sideboard unit with a distinctive rap-around solid oak cover to act as a protective shell and a good hard wearing one.

The front draws are a mismatch of sizes, breaking up the colours, featuring the Lilac House colour as required but most of all, the sideboard unit itself is very visual and a dramatic bespoke piece of furniture and not something that you would buy off the shelf.

The whole unit sits on six shallow solid oak square feet and is extremely sturdy.

Bespoke Sideboard Unit |

As with our chopping board construction, the solid oak top, sides and raised back is constructed from solid American White Oak, constructed from huge, wide super stave joints. The joins are practically invisible, giving the impression that it is made from a single piece of oak.

The raised back is there to hide an old radiator, which still works, so the top section of the raised back featured ventilation holes to allow the hot air to exit the unit.

Bespoke Sideboard Unit |

The best thing about this stunning sideboard unit, is the front draws and doors featured no handles. Instead they were fitted with soft close, push-pull opening mechanisms. So to open, you singly push and the draw opens automatically. Each draw is fitted on smooth run rails, allowing the draws to move effortlessly.

Then to close you simply push shut and there the stay. No finger holes, no catches, just simplistic open and shut motion – just fantastic!

Bespoke Sideboard Unit |

The two central off-set doors were also fitted with the same push-pull fittings. It is a very high-spec unit all round.

Bespoke Sideboard Unit |

This was a very cool bespoke sideboard unit to manufacture, as bespoke wooden gifts go, Make Me Something Special always tries to pull out all the stops and deliver something special no matter what we are commissioned to make.

If you would like us to make you something special in the form of a bespoke piece of furniture, please contact us.

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