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Our New Water-resistant Finish.


So what is it…?

Make Me Something Special’s new Diamond-Coating finish is designed to be the pinnacle of oiling technology, providing the very best protection against moisture and water damage whilst still giving a natural, silky smooth finish with low maintenance. Improving the quality of our products that come into contact with water is one of the main reasons we have introduced the Diamond-Coating treatment to our wooden gift range.

Developed over a twenty year period, the Diamond-Coating treatment is 21st century chemistry designed to provide the best protection for organic materials. Constructed from a special blend of resin and solvent, which the solvent evaporates off, allowing the resin to completely soak into the wood. Instead of sitting on the surface. The resin provides a long-lasting, protective surface that is water-resistant; stopping algae and moss from growing, while also eliminating greying.

Diamond-Coating provides the best protection, the smoothest finish and is so simple to maintain.


The Finish

Our new Diamond-Coating with its special blend of resin and solvent gives a long-lasting protective and fluid resistant surface. Not to take away from our Liberon oil finish which we use as standard on nearly all of our wooden gifts, in fact we love nothing more than the pure natural feel of timber to our fingertips. Unfortunately, Liberon oil doesn’t last when it is exposed to water on a regular basis, the finish will eventually disappear. We needed something that put up a wall against continuous bombardment against water but kept that natural feel of the timber.

When it comes to products like our wooden draining boards, bath racks and duck boards, the obvious choice was varnish, its hard-wearing and water-resistant, however, the drawback is varnish gives timber a plastic-like finish. This is where our new Diamond-Coating comes into its own, the finish is as if you oiled it. You can still feel the smoothness of the wood, the timbers natural grain – it is fantastic!

Another reason, is a lacquer or vanish is only good for so long. Once water has entered under the skin of the protective shell, it blisters, giving the timber a distressed look that can’t be fix without removing the whole thing and going again with another complete application. With Diamond Coating, you don’t get this problem. Like with Superior Danis Oil, once the finish is needing a touch up, you simply lightly sand back the surface and introduce an new fresh coat, this is the same with our Diamond Coating finish.

We can supply you with a Top-up kit, which includes the small amount of the finish as well as gloves, a sponge applicator, rag and other useful things to apply your new coat. The application is no more difficult to apply than a new layer of Danish Oil. From here you have topped-up your protective finish and that’s you done for a good year or more depending on the product and its usage. Brilliant!

The Reason Why

Our Diamond-Coating treatment outperforms all other resin based products, and other oils do not even compare to the level of surface protection that Diamond-Coat treatment offers. The treatment protects against everyday household spillages such as grease, red wine, oil and water. As with all Make Me Something Special products, our Diamond-Coat treatment is designed to withstand all that life throws at it. It withstands heat up to 250°C and can remain undamaged even if a hot pan is placed directly onto the surface for a short amount of time, although we would not recommend this!

We are always thinking of our customers and their needs, whenever we are developing a product or process. First and foremost, our products must be easy to maintain throughout its life. With Diamond-Coating, we have made wooden gifts and ornaments risk free when it comes to maintenance and long life. We have found from talking to our customers that one issue keeps coming up in conversation is “How do I look after this?” Unfortunately, natural products do need upkeep to keep them looking their best but with Diamond-Coating, the headache is massively reduced or in some cases unnecessary.

Routine wiping is all that is required to remove stains and after severe use, wiping the surface with a small amount of final treatment coat restores the protection and finish.


Simple Application:

Due to its low-stress curing, our Diamond-Coating will significantly lower the porosity of the wood, making the wood less susceptible to water absorption, resulting in less warping, cracks and cupping. To ensure an unbeatable finish, we lightly sanding between coats making the surface beautifully smooth. Several coats are applied to complete the full treatment, once cured, the wood becomes a much harder surface, enabling it to withstand direct contact with soaps, dirt, and water.

The surface takes on a beautiful, smooth finish, while the natural colour of the wood is enhanced, bringing out the unique grain from our FSC certified timber. Our Diamond-Coat treatment also contains anti-UV polyurethane, resisting any yellowing and brittleness that other oils won’t protect.

Diamond-Coating reduces your use of chemical cleaners and cuts down on maintenance costs in the long-term. With a hard wearing finish that triples the lifespan of the wood, a Diamond-Coated treated personalised wooden gift is wipe clean, easy to live with, and is simple to re-apply (if needed).


We would defiantly recommend our Diamond-Coating treatment on personalised gifts such as our wooden benches, if you are intending to use them in the garden. Our wooden trees swings and house signs. The treatment offers the very best protection for your wooden gift, however like all protective treatments, it does not completely seal the wood. Care must still be taken as it is not a life-long surface barrier. Therefore, we recommend you continue to treat the surface of your wooden gift as and when necessary if they are exposed to the elements for long periods of time.

Some of our wooden gifts are already finished with our Diamond-Coating. These are our personalised wooden Bath Racks and Duck boards, simply because they are exposed to high levels of water on a daily basis and need all the help they can get.


If you are considering Diamond-Coating for your wooden gift, we should consider this…

If you still want to feel the grain of your engraved wooden gift when you touch it but want the protection of a thick lacquer or varnish – then nothing else will do! – nothing else comes close to the finish Diamond-Coating provides. We have scoured the world for something that ticks all the right boxes – and we have found it!

For more information on our new Diamond-Coating finish, then please contact us by phone or email.

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