12 Home Gifts Ideas You Can Personalise for The Family

Personal touches are what make a house a home, which is why all of the gifts at MakeMeSomethingSpecial make ideal home gifts. But, with so many products to choose from, where do you start? Well, to make it a little easier, we’ve gathered together a collection of our favourite home gifts to give you some ideas…

1. Personalised salt & pepper pinch bowls


Shop Salt & Pepper Bowls

These engraved wooden pinch bowls are a great addition to any nice kitchen or dining table. They’re great for keeping handy alongside the chef’s cooking station and come in handy when everyone gathers at the dining table in the evening. This particular bowl is crafted from Walnut, but is also available in Oak.

View the salt and pepper pinch bowls in the shop.

2. Personalised wooden bath racks


Shop Bath Racks

What’s more relaxing than a nice warm bubble bath at the end of a long day?… A nice warm bubble bath with candles and some up-close entertainment of your choice. This engraved bath rack features tea light holders for your candles and a slot for your iPad or tablet. The tray always works perfectly as a table, so if you fancy a drink whilst you relax, you can place a nice glass of wine at arm’s length.

View the personalised bath rack in the shop.

3. Engraved chopping board sets


Shop Chopping Board Sets

This personalised chopping board set is another great home gift. Each board can be engraved with lettering of your choice. Popular engraving choices are food groups and family names. What better way to encourage the kids to help out in the kitchen than to give them their own personalised chopping board? And, you can choose whatever timber you like for each individual board. The set also comes with a beautiful slide-in display case for keeping all your boards in one place.

View chopping board set in shop.

4. Oak tea light holders


Shop Tea Light Holders

This next home gift idea makes a stunning centrepiece on a dining table or decoration on a fireplace or shelf. These oak tea light holders are available in almost any size, from 1 holder up to 12 or more, and can of course be personalised with an engraving of your choice.

View tea light holders in shop.

5. Wall-mounted egg racks


Shop Egg Racks

Neat and practical, but never seen before. This engraved wall-mounted egg rack is space-efficient and stunning. It’s available in multiple sizes with the standard choices being 6 or 12, and as always, can be engraved however you wish. Choose our standard engraving of “FREE RANGE”, add the family name or engrave something witty to add more personality to your kitchen. You could even add the names of your chickens!

View the wall-mounted egg rack in the shop.

6. Personalised wooden knife blocks


Shop Knife Racks

Another stunning, yet simple design. This wooden knife block is unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere on the market. It hides extremely strong magnets under the thick, heavy timber, allowing it to hold up even the largest of knives with ease. The knife block is available in Oak, Cherry, Maple or Walnut, and can be personalised with your choice of lettering, hearts and stars.

View the magnetic knife block in the shop.

7. Creative wall plaques


Shop Wedding Plaques

Here’s one for the thoughtful and artistic people. Creative wall plaques. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, these wall plaques add emotion and character to whatever room they sit in. They can be held on a wall with invisible hooks or simply left resting on something like the one above.

View creative wall plaques in the shop.

8. Personalised phone and tablet trays

Wood Phone Holder from MakeMeSomethingSpecial.com

Shop Phone & Tablet Holders

These personalised phone and tablet trays are a great home gift idea for couples. Personalise your tablet stand with a simple “HIS & HERS | ALWAYS IN SYNC” or get creative with your own engraving. This particular home gift is perfect for placing on a bedside table, keeping your devices in a safe place before they’re picked up on the way out in the morning.

View the personalised tablet trays in the shop

9. Engraved serving bowls


Shop Serving Bowls

These engraved wooden serving bowls are ideal for storing fruit and veg. As you can see, they look stunning placed in the centre of a living room, ready to be picked at by peckish family members. We love the engraving “HELP YOURSELF!”, but as with the rest of these personalised home gift ideas, you can personalise your serving bowl however you like!

View the personalised serving bowl in the shop.

10. Wooden welly boot stands


Shop Welly Stands

For those of you who like to spend your free time exploring the outdoors with the kids or dogs, these wooden welly boot holders are a practical and stylish way of keeping all of the family’s muddy wellies in one place (and outside of the nice clean hallway).

View the personalised welly stand in the shop.

11. Personalised family coat pegs


Shop Coat Hooks

Another perfect home gift for a big family. This wooden coat peg rack can be engraved with the name of each family member, as well as a nice quote or message on the shelf above, which doubles the hook rack as a shelf.

View the personalised coat hooks in the shop.

12. Personalised wooden toy boxes


Shop Toy Boxes

Last, but by far the least, is this personalised wooden toy box, crafted from the finest Oak available in the world. We made one of these oak toy boxes for Prince George for his first Christmas. The box is available in a range of colours and can be engraved on the face, lid top and underside. What better way to keep the kid’s bedrooms tidy than a beautiful, stylish toy chest?

View the oak toy box in the shop.

Want to keep looking? Check out more of our home gift ideas here.

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