Personalised 40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Looking for personalised 40th wedding anniversary gifts for a loved one? Here in the MakeMeSomethingSpecial workshop, we design and hand-craft a wide variety of beautiful and bespoke wooden gifts for 40th wedding anniversaries and other special occasions for you, your family and your friends.

Personalised 40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas ( Looking for personalised 40th wedding anniversary gift ideas? MakeMeSomethingSpecial have got a selection for you to choose from. We design and create endless amounts of wooden gifts, all of which can be personalised to fit your preferences. If you’d like to personalise a wooden gift for yourself or a loved one, give us a call on 01252 703 196 or visit:

All of these wedding anniversary gifts – both big and small – can be personalised with engravings of your choice to make them 100% unique. Each gift is hand-crafted from some of the finest timber in the world, before being sanded down to a smooth touch and finished with layer upon layer of fine oils. You won’t find personalised 40th anniversary gifts of this quality anywhere else on the market. Take a look at some of the gifts we have available in the store…

1. Personalised chopping board set with stand

These chopping board sets are of the same high quality as the rest of our wooden chopping boards – which we’re best known for – with both the small and the large chopping boards being made from solid American White Oak, and the medium size board made from American Black Walnut. The stand is handmade from a single price of solid English Oak and features 3 slots to neatly house the boards when not in use.

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2. Personalised wooden watch stand

This is the perfect anniversary gift for the man or woman that likes to take special care in looking after their favourite watch. Both the front and rear of the watch stand can be personalised with an engraving of your choice. Place the stand on a bedside table, in the bathroom or perhaps near the front so the watch won’t be forgotten on the way out.

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3. Personalised magnetic knife block

Available in 3 sizes using Oak, Cherry, Maple or Walnut, these premium quality kitchen knife blocks hide an impressively strong magnet inside the timber, providing a practical and simple storage solution for all of your favourite kitchen knives. To make this a completely unique 40th anniversary gift, personalise the knife block with an engraving of your choice for that special someone.

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5. Personalised lazy Susan board

This stunning lazy Susan is one of the finest you’ll find on the market. It features a corrosion-resistant galvanised steel Lazy Susan turntable base, which uses steel ball-bearings to dampen noise. Personalise it with a name, date or witty quote to spin around the dinner table.

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6. Multi-colour striped chopping board

We can guarantee you won’t find a chopping board like this anywhere else on the market – at least not of this quality. This multi-colour kitchen board features a variety of beautiful timbers, from the palest white of our American Maple to the darkest Wenge and American Black Walnut. You will be amazed by the vibrant streaks of purple Heart wood and the bright red Padauk.

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7. Personalised oak tea light holders

One of our most popular personalised 40th anniversary gifts – these oak tea light holders are a stunning addition to a nice, cosy home. The holders can be made to practically any size – from 1 tea light slot, up to 12 or more – and can of course be personalised with an engraving of your choice to make it 100% unique.

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8. Engraved oak wine racks

personalised engraved solid oak wine rack

These engraved oak wine racks are the perfect anniversary present for the wine connoisseur. Like our oak tea light holders, these wine racks can be made to practically any size. Craft your wine rack from oak or walnut, and engrave the front and/or back face with text and symbols.

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9. Engraved wooden bath rack

This personalised wooden bath rack is the ideal anniversary gift for the special someone that works extra hard in the day, and deserves some down time at night. The bath rack can be made with a stand for your iPad or tablet, and looks great with some embedded tea lights.

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10. Personalised anniversary poem plaque


Why not celebrate 40 years together by displaying a personalised wooden poem plaque somewhere in the house? Engrave a loved one’s favourite poem or even one you wrote yourself. The poem plaques can be made in a variety of sizes. We can even add a border and symbols of your choice.

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