Personalised Wooden Toy Boxes

Crafted from the finest timber and engraved with words that will never fade – these high quality, hand-made personalised wooden toy boxes for children are to be cherished for a lifetime…

This Solid Oak Personalised Wooden Toybox was hand-crafted here at the MakeMeSomethingSpecial workshop in the Surrey hills. All of our personalised wooden gifts are guaranteed to please, so if you’re choosing a gift for a loved one, you know you can rely on us.

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Like all wooden gifts made here at MakeMeSomethingSpecial, these personalised wooden toy boxes are of the highest quality. They are unlike any other children’s toy chest you’ll find in toy shops or online stores. And, of course, a MakeMeSomethingSpecial’s wooden toy box can be personalised with an engraving of your choice, making it one of a kind. Take a look at some of our personalised toy boxes we made recently…

Personalised Wooden Toy Boxes For Children

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The engraved text can be whatever you want. It can consist of names, a date, a special message and you can add kisses, hearts, stars or images. Whatever you desire. And if you want your wooden toy box finished with a colour, we have just launched our new range of children’s toy boxes which are more affordable. They’re made from moisture resistant MDF and paint finished in either cream or white.

Engraved Personalised Oak Toy Box

Solid Oak Toy Boxes by MakeMeSomethingSpecial

However, if you are not on a budget and want the best of the best, we still have our solid oak toy boxes. We created one of these for Prince George for his first Christmas, featuring some very beautiful carving works and our Hold Anywhere Hinges. Unfortunately, we can’t show the personalised toy box to you in this blog. However, there are some seriously beautiful kids toy boxes we have made and would like to share with you. Take a look at these…

Personalised wooden toy boxes for children

The standard personalised wooden toy box dimensions are 45cm x 50cm x 80cm. They feature child-friendly soft-close hinges to eliminate the risk of finger injuries, as mentioned in the video above.

Hand-made and Personalised Toy Box

These personalised wooden toy boxes truly are something special. They’re all hand-crafted to order by skilled craftsmen, using only the best locally sourced English Oak.

All of these beautiful wooden toy chests feature stunning dovetail joints and the best safety hinges we can find, together with unlimited personalised engraving.. We set 50 characters for each face of the toy box. The front face is included in the price but you can opt for extra engraving on the top and underneath the lid.

This is a fine example of how good our engraving really is. Also, take a look at the hinges and how well they fit the lid – just perfect! This is, of course, the underside of our oak toy box lid but you can also have carved lettering on the top of the lid, too. These letters measure roughly 100mm in height and about 10mm in depth. The lid itself is 20mm thick, so there is still plenty of depth left and this won’t effect the build quality. These truly are very tough personalised kids toy boxes.

Beautifully Personalised Toy Boxes from

Stars and hearts are very popular with toy box inscriptions. We have also carved other symbols and shapes to order. As these stunning toy boxes are made to order, there is nothing that we can’t do when in comes to making them completely unique. If you can think of it, we will do our best to bring it to life. Some customers ever ask us to carve secret messages in less obvious places.

Engraved Toy Boxes from

This particular text is actually engraved on the back panel, right at the bottom lefthand side in small lettering. Special is whatever you desire. My particular favourite is ‘TOYS’ carved in big letters on the front and a special message in the lid. Our toy chests come with soft close hinges as standard and don’t get me wrong, they are great hinges and will last for years. But if you upgrade to our top of the range hinges – you are going to love them!

Personalised Kids Toy Boxes from

Basically, your wooden toy box lid works in the same way a laptop computer does. You open the lid and it stays there – no matter where you decide to leave it – it will not move until you decide. You can have it open all the way up or just an inch open – there is will stay – fabulous!

Finest Quality Engraved Toy Boxes from

Order Our Personalised Toy Boxes

If you would like us to make you one of our personalised toy boxes for your child, grandchild, nephew or niece, we would love to hear from you. These are not on the shelf, they are made from scratch to order so every single one is brand new – every time! If you are after a really superb high quality personalised wooden toy chest, we have just what you are looking for!

Wooden Toy Chest by makemesomethingspecial

Carved Butterfly Toy Box from

As you can see you can add carved motifs like stars, hearts, butterflies and bows. Personally, I like the butterflies best. What do you think?

Painted Wooden Toy Box Options

As well as plain wood, we also provide painted wooden toy boxes in a choice of colours. If you have a particular colour you would like to have your toy box painted in, then please let us know. We will be happy to oblige.

These new wooden personalised toy boxes feature the same high quality child safety hinges. They’re the same size and shape, just a simpler construction. No dovetails either but still a very elegantly finished kid’s toy box and still very beautiful. You can have either an oak or matching paint finished lid.

Personalised Painted Toy Box from

Stars and hearts are still available as well as front face lettering included in the price. For keeping your child’s bedroom tidy, this stunning toy chest will still be around for years to come.

Wooden Children's Toy Box

One of our new painted wooden kids toy box colours: The French Grey by Farrow & Ball. I love this colour. I have my wooden windows in my house painted in this paint. It is vintage and classic! This is just one gorgeous example of the kind of wooden toy boxes we make here at Make Me Something Special. Created by hand, to order, using very high quality moisture-restart MDF and engraved with much care and attention to detail.

For a child, these beautiful wooden toy boxes are perfect. The best thing is, you can add further engraved lettering under the lid. This is where you can carve fabulous quotes from nursery rhymes, story books or special family favourite quotes.

We are often asked to engrave Winnie the Pooh quotes by A.A Milne.

There is something you must always remember,

You’re BRAVER than you believe,

STRONGER than you seem,

SMARTER than you think and

LOVED more than you’ll know…

Extra Detail Engraved Inside Kids Wooden Toy Box

This also includes ‘Christopher Robin to Pooh’ and three falling carved stars as a standard engraving option. A Make Me Something Special personalised wooden toy box is a memorable unique gift that will  be cherished for a lifetime. Often we hear feedback that the customised toy box has become a treasured momento in the family. One that evokes happy images of childhood for both recipient and parents.

Personalised Kids Toy Boxes from

This new bespoke wooden toy box for children features the same luxury style qualities as our solid oak toy boxes. Same size, same shape, personalised engraving on the front face as standard and comes with our high quality child safety, soft close hinges. The toy box lid will then ever so softly close until it shuts. The rate in which the lid falls is also adjustable by the use of a simple allan key.

The box itself is handcrafted by skilled cabinetmakers from thick, high-quality MDF and comes in either a white or cream painted finish. Further colours will be available in the near future. However, if you would like one of these personalised wooden toy boxes finished in a particular colour, then feel free to contact u. I’m sure we can work something out just for you! These high quality handcrafted wooden chests also come with your choice of either MDF/matching painted finish lid or a natural oak lid, giving your wooden toy box a nice contrast.

Personalised Toy Box Engraving

As with our engraved solid oak toy boxes, the front face can be personalised with your choice of words or lettering and is included in the price. This is ideal for adding children’s names, a birth date, a special message, or something classic like ‘TOYS’ – whatever you like. You can even frame the lettering with stars, hearts or other symbols to make your child’s personalised toy box that little bit more special. The lettering, as always, is deeply carved and define and makes a wonderful finishing touch to the toy box.

This is something that makes our bespoke toy boxes stand out from the rest of the crowd. The quality of our engraving is unmatched, every letter is visible no matter which angle you are looking from, making it a real feature instead of just an afterthought. We are master engravers and know for sure, if you are looking for a toy box with personalised lettering, ours will excel your expectations.

Here at Make Me Something Special, we really do make the most fabulous kids toy boxes! We have created a more affordable alternative to our personalised solid oak toy chest but still captures all of the quality aspects – good traditional construction, beautiful engraving and quality, child safe hard wear.

So if you’re looking for a personalised baby toy box or a toy box for children, and you would like to discuss ordering one of our new personalised toy boxes, get in touch with us today!

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