Personalised Wooden Cheese Boards

How are these personalised wooden cheese boards for ‘something special’?…

The simplicity of this square cheese board is what makes it so beautiful. This would look great in your kitchen and would come in great handy when you’re serving up nibbles when family and friends are visiting.

Here’s me, Ben, showing off one of our Personalised Cheese Boards from our workshop in Surrey. Let me know what you think!

Personalised Cheese Boards from we make the most magnificent personalised cheese boards at Hand crafted in our workshop nestled in the Surrey hills, these make the best wedding present you could possibly buy.

Each of MakeMeSomethingSpecial’s personalised wooden cheese boards is professionally designed and carefully constructed from the finest, hand-selected furniture-grade American hardwoods. This guarantees strength and stability – perfect for any form of kitchen board and much higher quality than the majority of cheese boards on the market.

Personalised Wooden Cheese Boards from

This a fine example of one of our personalised oak cheeseboards with a bespoke carving on the top. No personalised engraving on the sides this time; just a pair of initials intertwined – just beautiful!

Personalised Wooden Cheese Boards from

Another of the personalised wooden cheese boards we made recently is this large round cheese board with a personalised engraving, but also a special message on the underside.

The personalised cheese boards are finished with coat after coat of child-friendly heat, water and alcohol resistant oil, for reasons which speak for themselves!

Personalised Wooden Cheese Boards from

What would you choose to have engraved? Something thoughtful? Something funny? Perhaps a quote from a favourite song, poem or movie?

I love what is written on the other side – “DATE… A SPECIAL YEAR”

Personalised Wooden Cheese Boards from

But the underside, I think, says sit all…

Personalised Wooden Cheese Boards from

What a beautiful idea for an engraving. What would you choose for your engraving?

Whether you’re buying for Christmas gifts, Birthdays, Christening gifts or 5th wedding anniversary gifts, we can make something extra special for you. If high-quality personalised cheese boards are something you are looking for, MakeMeSomethingSpecial’s handmade cheese boards really are ‘something special’. We use the most beautiful timber in the world and our engraved cheese boards will be a perfect accessory for your kitchen, or the kitchen of a loved one!

Personalised Cheese Boards from

These personalised cheese boards are perfectly hand-crafted in our very own workshop. If you are looking to buy a gift for a family member or close friend, these boards couldn’t be more perfect.

Each one is constructed from the very finest, hand selected Furniture grade American Hardwoods, perfect for strength & stability. After being sanded down to leave the board with a smooth surface, we finish the cheese boards with Liberon water, heat and alcohol resistant Pure Tung Oil for an absolutely stunning finish.

We have a range of personalised cheese boards that vary in size and shape, like these circular cheeseboards

Personalised Cheese Boards from

They are available blank or can be personalised with names, dates or your own personal inscription. You even get to choose your timber:

  • American White Oak
  • Black Rock Maple
  • North American Cherry
  • North American Black Walnut

Personalised Cheese Boards from

When it comes to entertaining guests and special occasions, this help-yourself personalised wooden serving board is perfect. This unique Lazy Susan Turntable Serving platter board has an extremely high quality, corrosion-resistant galvanised steel base which uses steel ball-bearings to dampen noise and can take enormous loads – over 400kg!

Personalised wooden cheese boards from are the absolute peak of quality against all cheese boards on the market. The time and effort put into each individual board instantly shine brightly from the first glance. It’s not hard to tell each board has been crafted by someone who is genuinely talented and experienced with a real knowledge of woodwork and a real eye for quality timber. All boards are crafted to perfection and personalised with an engraving of your choice. Whether you want to add a name, a message, a poem or a lyric, the end result will blow your mind.

Personalised Wooden Cheese Boards from

We were asked by a customer to bespoke make a large round cheeseboard. Not a problem, however, our large cheese boards are large – 40cm in diameter which is bigger than most cheese boards on the market and are more than enough to carry a good selection of cheeses, chutneys and bread etc. but this particular cheese board was enormous.

Take a look…

Large Personalised Wooden Cheese Boards from

Doesn’t look that big…

Compared to our smaller one, at 30cm in diameter, this is one big cheese board. It measures 50cm in diameter and 4.5cm in thickness and weighs around 6Kg.

Large Personalised Wooden Cheese Boards from

I have to say, once you see it, you can just imagine this making a fantastic centrepiece at a dinner party or on Christmas day, covered with dips, canapés, breads, olives, and of course, cheese.

This particular board was ordered by Portreeve catering company, Henley-on-Thames, and was engraved on both sides with the company name.

Large Personalised Wooden Cheese Boards from

Here at Make Me Something Special we are renowned for our quality wooden products and flawless attention to detail. If you want to see what we mean, take a good look at the finish of the timber. It is just outstanding.

Something that can only be achieved by using extremely high-grade timber and many many hours of hand finishing.

We use Amish grown and managed American White Oak found in the North Appalachian Region of New England, this timber is so sorted after by fine furniture makers and it is not hard to see why. The grain structure is beautiful and has a hardness that is ideal for kitchen board construction.

Large Personalised Wooden Cheese Boards from

Our finishing process is long and requires a great deal of effort, dedication, patience and skill. We like to do things properly or not at all. We want you to be blown away the second it comes out of the box.

Large Personalised Cheese Boards Made With Love

If you would like to order or discuss ordering one of our large personalised wooden cheese boards, or you would like another product bespoke made for you, please contact us today – we’d love to hear from you.

If you have ever seen our personalised cheese board UK before, you will have seen the options list grow. This is simply down to customers who have seen our engraved kitchen boards and asked for something a little different.

I would love to say, I came up with everything, but no! We have had some very creative customers who have known exactly what they wanted and asked the question.

The most recent being this stunning personalised wooden cheese board…

We began offering this option of 2 intertwined initials about 2 years ago and they are a great little add-on. Making a personalised cheese board that little bit more special.

We have made a fair few to date and all manner of different letter arrangements have been put together.

The trick was to always have the 2 letters touching, even if just by a very small amount. The result if very striking and creates such a dramatic finish to our engraved cheese boards. We also have this option available on our wedding cake boards and wooden cake stands.


So this particular personalised cheese board had us stuck! The issue was both bride and groom had the same initial. The letter ‘A’ and this is a letter that we just couldn’t make fit together. It had us trumped. You can manage it very easily with an engraved letter ‘S’, you’ve got a bit more to play with.

There was only one thing for it. We had to add the ampersand ‘&’.

I can see this becoming more popular than just the two initials curled together. It is the way it goes here at Make Me Something Special, we create something new nearly every day.

Another great thing about this wooden cheese board is the was no expense spared! Which makes it a very good example of what you can do if you want to make a basic wooden board for serving cheese on really special!

The other option, which is the most popular of all, is the edge engraving.

This is great for names and dates. There are side handles included with these cheese boards, which breaks up the board edge into two sides. Side one is for his and her names, leaving the oppressive edge for the wedding date.

Numbers is nearly always best. Less is more in this case. Don’t get me wrong the moth spelt out does look really good too, but personally, numbers with dots looks very class.

Lastly, you can add further engraved text to the underside of your cheeseboard. This is perfect if you want to include a message that doesn’t always need to be seen all the time, or something deeply personal or something that takes more then 15 characters to write.

This is our special message option – and it is a good one!

Whoever you buy this for is going to love it! But when they read this, they will become so attached to it, they will have it on display in their home and get regular use from it. This is the perfect wedding gift.

Lastly, I should also mention you have a choice of timber rot choose from. This is our Amish American Black Walnut, which is the most expensive timber we offer but so worth it. The grain, as you can see, is simply stunning! We also have Maple, Oak and Cherry to choose from.

…and this is what they look like on a table, ready to be used. Glorious!!

If you want to know more about our engraved wooden gifts the UK, like our stunning personalised wooden cheese boards, how they are made, or to order one, please give us a call on 01252 703 196 and we can answer any questions you have.

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