20 Personalised Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for 2019

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches. This year, why not go the extra mile and buy your loved one a Valentine’s Day gift that is not only thoughtful, but also of the highest quality. Each and every one of the personalised Valentine’s Day gifts at Make Me Something Special is stunning, hand-crafted and available with a personalised engraving. Plus, thanks to the quality of the timber we use, these gifts are built to be cherished for a lifetime. You won’t find personalised Valentine’s Day gifts quite like this anywhere else on the market. Take a look at some of the gifts we have available in our selection…

1. Simply Hearts tea light holder

personalised valentines day gifts

This Simply Hearts tea light holder is hand-crafted using only the highest quality Superior Grade English Oak. These pillar style tea light holders look fantastic as a centrepiece on a dining table or placed on a shelf or cabinet.

View the Simply Hearts tea light holder in the shop | More tea light holder designs

2. Personalised chopping board set with stand

personalised valentines day gifts - engraved oak chopping boards

If the special man or woman in your life is a lover of cooking, this chopping board set will leave them set for life. Personalise the stand with an engraving of your choice and place the set on the kitchen side for all to see.

View the chopping board set in the shop | More chopping board designs

3. Engraved wooden joined letters

personalised valentines day gifts by MMSS

These new joined wooden letters are a simple yet stunning way to celebrate the bond between you and your Valentine. As well as choosing your own two letters, you can engrave the front and back with up to 40 characters.

View joined wooden letters in shop

4. Live edge chopping board

personalised valentines day gifts - personalised live edge chopping board

If you’re buying a Valentine’s Day gift for someone who loves that organic, rustic feel, this live edge wooden chopping board couldn’t be more perfect.

View the live edge chopping board in the shop | View the large live edge chopping board

5. Personalised wooden photo frames

personalised valentines day gifts - personalised wooden frame

These classic engraved photo frames are crafted from solid oak, and are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. You can even add a mount so that your favourite photo can be placed anywhere in the house.

View the oak photo frame in the shop

7. Engraved keepsake box

personalised valentines day gifts - engraved keepsake box

This beautiful little wooden keepsake box is held perfectly together with dovetail joints, and features a simple lift-off lid. This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the man or woman who likes to hold on to the small memories collected throughout your time together.

View the wooden keepsake box in the shop


9. Personalised wooden paper weights

personalised valentines day gifts - paper weight personalised

If you’re looking for personalised Valentine’s Day gifts for someone that spends a lot of time in the office, then these engraved wooden paper weights are the perfect choice.

View the personalised paper weights in the shop

10. Engraved wooden pebble

Engraved wooden pebble - personalised valentines gifts

This engraved wooden pebble is so simple, yet says so much. Personalise your Valentine’s pebble on both sides. You can even include stars and hearts to make it extra special.

View the personalised wooden pebble in the shop

11. Personalised wooden tea light holders

personalised valentines day gifts - wooden tea light holder

A Make Me Something Special classic. These personalised wooden tea light holders can be made to practically any size, and can of course be personalised with an engraving of your choice.

View the wooden tea light holders in the shop

12. Personalised wooden watch stand

personalised valentines day gifts - wooden watch stand

This personalised wooden watch stand is the perfect Valentine’s gift for the man or woman with the beautiful watch. This smart and stunning piece is perfect for the bedside table.

View the personalised watch stand in the shop 

13. Personalised wireless phone charger

Personalised wooden wireless phone charger

This handy little wireless phone charger with engraved hearts is another perfect Valentine’s gift for the office. The charger is available with symbols, such as stars and hearts, or engraved with a name or message.

View the Simply Hearts wireless charger in the shop | View more wireless phone chargers

14. Personalised wooden spice rack

Personalised wooden spice rack - Valentines day gifts

This personalised oak spice rack is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the chef of the house. If the man or woman you love is a top chef, this is the gift for them.

View the personalised spice rack in the shop

15. Engraved wooden bath tray

Engraved wooden bath tray by MMSS

This engraved wooden bath tray is available with tea light holders and even an iPad stand, making it the ideal go-to at the end of a long day.

View the engraved bath tray in the shop

16. Personalised wireless charger tray

Wooden desk organiser with wireless charger - valentines day gifts

If you like the idea of a wireless phone charger, but want something a little more, then this personalised wireless charger tray is the perfect gift for the one you love.

View the wireless charger tray in the shop

17. Personalised creative wall plaque

Creative wall plaque - personalised valentines day gifts

Make this creative wall plaque completely your own using lyrics from your favourite song, a love poem or a special message for your other half.

View the creative wall plaque in the shop

18. Heart-shaped key rings

heart shaped key rings - personalised valentines day gifts

Remind your Valentine throughout their day that you love them with these small, engraved wooden key rings.

View the heart-shaped key rings in the shop

19. Heart-shaped wooden bowl

heart-shaped wooden bowl by personalised valentines day gifts

This heart-shaped bowl is both stunning and practical. It can be used to keep small belongings together, or as a snack bowl for things like nuts and fruit. Personalise the heart bowl with an engraving of your choice.

View the heart bowl in the shop

20. Personalised organic oil candle

Personalised organic oil candle

This large, handmade, all natural candle is infused with essential oils. It’s one of the beautiful organic products made by essentiallydavina.co.uk.

View the organic natural oil candle in the shop

More Personalised Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas…

If you liked some of these Valentine’s Day gift ideas and you’d like to take a look through the rest of our range, click here to see our entire range of personalised Valentine’s Day gifts.

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