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The Ultimate Christmas Gift: A Children’s Personalised Toy Chest

Toys, toys and more toys… Christmas is nearly here and MakeMeSomethingSpecial have been busy again with our children’s personalised toy chests. Custom-made, built to last and can be used for years, these personalised toy chests can be a fantastic furniture piece in a child’s bedroom that can hold all their toys safely and organised in one place. Here are a few options for you to check out:

1.) Wooden Toy Chests

These high quality oak toy chests come in four standard colours: White, Cream, Blue and French Grey. But we are working on getting you more colour options soon. Its dimensions are 40cm wide x 50cm tall x 80cm long. We include the front face engraving as part of the base price and offer interior engraving like the model below shows. Pick fun symbols to add an extra touch of style to your handcrafted piece.

Childrens Personalised Toy Chests by

2.) Oak Toy Chests

We’re particularly fond of these personalised oak toy boxes. The visible oak in this toy box is so beautiful and classic. We’re the not the only ones who think so because we were commissioned to make one of these beautiful solid oak toy boxes for Prince George for his first Christmas! Our solid wood handmade toy boxes feature beautiful dovetail joints and are finished with Liberon child safe oil.

Personalised Toy Chest from MakeMeSomethingSpecial

3.) Walnut Toy Chests

This is our new style a handcrafted solid American Black Walnut personalised children’s toy box. These come in our standard dimensions or can be made bespoke to your desired sizing. Keep in mind all our engravings are done in capitals so you will have to specify if you would like us to include lower case letting.

Personalised Toy Chests From

A personalised kids toy box, is a fantastic gift idea, to ensure that they have a memorable and beautiful gift. They will have it forever and hold great memories of their childhood. They don’t even need to be a gift, they make a wonderful addition to any play room, or for a new born babies room.

These high quality children’s wooden toy chests can be customised in different ways. The most common customisation is name engraving. Toy boxes can also be customised by engraving your kids favourite game on the body of the box. Obviously, there’s no limit to what we can do with children’s toy boxes. We can customise your box however you please.

Here are a few great uses for a personalised children’s toy chests –

1. Birthday gift. You can give your kid, or someone else’s kid, a well-decorated, customised toy box for his/her birthday. It will remain one of the best gifts they ever get.

2. Can be used to separate toys. If you have more than one kid, they probably quarrel over toy ownership. So why not give each kid a custom toy box for them to keep their toys.

3. Gift it. If you give a child money as a gift, they will only appreciate you for a few days. However, if you present them with a lovely customised toy box, they will keep remembering you anytime they look at it, and have it for lifetime.

What to do with these seemingly endless amounts of toys that become scattered from one side of the house to the other? MakeMeSomethingSpecial’s children’s personalised toy chests couldn’t be a more perfect solution! Take a look…

Made from Prime A Grade Oak using dovetail joints and finished with Liberon child safe oil, this personalised children’s toy box is something you’ll see nowhere else in the world, and makes the perfect addition to a nursery, play room or child’s bedroom. We actually made one of these for Prince George on his first Christmas!

The toy box comes with soft-close safety hinges as standard but we also offer state of the art ‘hold anywhere hinges’ on request.

Children's Personalised Toy Chests from

You can personalise it however you like, wherever you like: on top of the lid, under the lid, on the front face or even all over. 50 characters is set as our standard engraving amount, but we can also offer beautifully carved 3D pictures or your child’s favourite cartoon characters.

Dimensions – 40cm wide x 50cm tall x 80cm long (bespoke sizes are always available)

We would like to show you the different safety hinges we supply with our personalised wooden toy boxes for children.

Personalised Wooden Toy Boxes for Children from

What we have here is two of our personalised wooden toy chests for children. One has our soft close hinges which we supply as standard with our toy boxes and the other (on the left) toy box has our state of the art – hold anywhere hinges.

Personalised Wooden Toy Boxes for Children from

Both are very high quality safety hinges to minimise small fingers benign trapped. Our soft close hinges allow the lid to be opened fully – as seen in the images, and will stay there until you decide to close it. Once the lid reaches half way or so the soft close mechanism kicks in and the lid will fall ever so softly until it reaches the toy box edge. The speed of the fall can be adjusted by using an allan key.

Personalised Wooden Toy Boxes for Children from

The other oak toy chest has our Hold anywhere hinges attached. Apart from being neater in stye they are amazing in how they work. Just as our soft close hinges, the lid will open fully but can even go right the way round to the back of the toy box, but the best thing is it doesn’t matter where you leave the lid, be it half way, fully open or just an inch from closing – it will not move. They are just fabulous and will complete blow you away.

If you’d like to order one of these children’s personalised toy chests for Christmas, you can view all of our wooden toy boxes here.

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