Bespoke Wishbone Frame Dining Tables

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Bespoke Wishbone Frame Dining Tables


Make Me Something Special’s stunning large handmade bespoke dining tables 

Here in our Surrey Hills Workshop, we create absolutely stunning products from the finest timbers the world has to offer. Our handcrafted hardwood Dining Tables really are something special!

As we are able to buy whole trees, we have the flexibility of hand-selecting out the widest and most flawless boards making the overall look and finish of the tabletops absolutely breathtaking. Each and every dining tabletop is carefully constructed, plank by plank, all completely by hand, to order, producing strikingly beautiful timeless dining tables of distinction.

With size not being a problem, if you want a dining table to seat 6, to seat 8, to seat 10, to seat 12 or even seat 14 guests, we will have no issues achieving this for you, we can go as large as you need. We can even go extra-wide in the width, allowing you to place two people at either end of your dining table giving you that extra capacity should you need it, like on Christmas day. We can make our kitchen breakfast tables and dining tables up to 5 meters long and 1.5 meters wide, larger if required.

Our Wishbone Frame Leg Base:

Handmade from welded Steel – our Wishbone shaped dining table frame base is absolutely stunning! beautifully curved creating a wonderfully stylish yet subtle dining table for your kitchen or Dining room. These style tables work beautifully in restaurants, hotels, bistros, cafes and many other kinds of dining establishments.

All are dining table legs are constructed from welded steel to considerable thickness for stability and long life. The basis can be felt in the natural finished steel state, giving the frame a modern industrial feel for the modern home or restaurant. Or, the steel legs can be finished in either a painted or Powered Coated hardwearing finish softening the look for a traditional or farmhouse home settle.

Tabletop Styles and finishes:

Our Timber: We have only two sources of timber. English oak and walnut, collected from our local sawmills and our unique Amish American White Oak and American Black Walnut. We only use what is classed as ‘Superior Grade’ or as we like to call ‘Furniture Grade’, the finest and most desirable hardwoods on the planet. Working with the quality timber, you are guaranteed a dining table that is a pleasure to admire and will look simply stunning in your home.

Tabletop Construction: Due to our tables tops being created solely by us, we are able to manufacture a dining table to suit your exact requirements and fit the space it needs to go. Our tabletops are put together using full-length boards, so there are no joins running across the width on any part of the table, just continuous straight running grain from end to end.

Unlike some tabletops on the market, we don’t just glue the boards together, our tabletops are engineered with reinforced internal dowelling to keep all the parts super sturdy and resistant from movement. We also colour matched the joins making the tabletop seem flawless as a whole and the grain of the timber flows much smoother from board to board making it appear unbroken. Like our hi-quality worktops or chopping boards, the glue jointed tabletop is fully finished as a whole, making one big piece of timber. The precision and attention to detail is obvious throughout the entire tabletop.

Your Table’s Edge: You have a choice when it comes to the edge of your table. You might not be familiar with this option when it comes to buying a table. The reason behind it is it gives you the ability to customise your tabletop to a new level. You can choose to have a regular square edge on all four sides. We always include a small chamfer on the top edge, giving your table a well-finished look.

We also offer what is known as the live edge or natural edge along the full-length sides of your table. This look has become extremely popular in tabletop construction and also worktop and chopping boards. It shows off the natural edge of the tree, giving your wooden dining table a rustic and organic feel. This style edge will follow the natural curves and shape of the tree trunk which we then sanded until silky smooth giving it a beautiful tactile feel.

Table Thickness: You have a good choice in thickness when it comes to buying our dining tables. You can have your dining table made to either 35mm, 45mm, 60mm and even a massive 70mm thick. The timber is all kiln-dried making it perfectly seasoned for indoor conditions.

Finish: Our tables tops can be supplied untreated if you are planning to have your dining stained or treated by yourself. We can finish the table in Superior Danish Oil. This will bring out the natural colours of the timer and preserve the wood and set it up ready to be used the minute it arrives. Or, we can use our very hardwearing Diamond Coating treatment which is about as hard as it gets, giving you the peace of mind that your new tabletop won’t be affected by accidental spills.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We will be happy to assist you.


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