Personalised Wooden Children’s Desk Tidy with Pen Pot

Personalised Wooden Children's Desk Tidy with Pen Pot from

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These were commissioned as christmas presents for two young boys.

The mother wanted personalised wooden desk tidy’s with their names engraved on the front. Compartments to store rubbers and sharpeners and a tall pen pot for felt tip pens and rulers. However, on top of all of that what she wanted the most she explained, was something that they would have for the rest of their lives.

That is the real beauty of what we do. We know that because of the high quality timbers we use and the way we carefully construct each product, no matter how small, that they are built to last. We also know by choosing the best finishing oils on the market, that they are really well set up before they leave us.

Personalised Wooden Children's Desk Tidy with Pen Pot from


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