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Display Engraved Wooden Blocks

Display Engraved Wooden Blocks:

Display Engraved Wooden Blocks from

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These were commissioned by Whistle & Bango, London.

These engraved wooden blocks are to display their line of wrist watches.

Display Engraved Wooden Blocks from

There are exactly the same as our personalised children’s Alphabet Building blocks in terms of size and shape as well as the same high quality solid Birch, however, these small wooden bricks through up quite a challenge when in came to carving the front face with the companies striking logo and miniature text below.

Display Engraved Wooden Blocks from

Like we have done many times now on serving boardsoak chopping boards and several others we have carefully cut lettering less than 3mm in size, but onto a wooden brick 5cm square took a lot more time and skill to pull off – not to mention the intricate 3D fleur-de-lee this required much attention to detail.

Display Engraved Wooden Blocks from

Looking at images this size does tend to create the illusion that they are not as small as you might think, well I think this next shot says it all – these little wooden blocks were a labour of love and just goes to show how versatile a little block of wood can be.

Display Engraved Wooden Blocks from

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