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We have had a run on lipped personalised chopping boards or worktop savers, they seem to be very popular and I think it comes down to the fact that they are very large and they appeal to those who want a personalised chopping boards set up 24/7.

Personalised Chopping Boards with Lip from

This is exactly how we have our kitchen work area. We are lucky enough to have a big island in the middle of our kitchen and behind is our AGA. Directly in front is where we prepare all of our food for breakfast, lunch, tea and all those little snacks in between. We have several personalised chopping boards set up, our Chocca Block or chopping board set, a large round end grain chopping block but in the centre we have an enormous worktop saver. Everything is prepared on it from dough and pizza making to Sunday lunch.

Personalised Chopping Boards with Lip from

If you have the space I would definitely recommend you have a large wooden personalised chopping board set up all the time and never put it away. Have some different wooden kitchen boards, like wooden serving boards, sharing platters or cheese boards and defiantly a large carving board but all as additions.

Personalised Chopping Boards with Lip from

Personalised Chopping Boards with Lip from

This where I believe our lipped personalised chopping board works so well. If you go for our double lipped wooden chopping board you have the best of both woulds. One large blank chopping block area to chop and knead dough – then – flip it over and there is another large surface area with carving grooves and well set up ready. Best of all is you can have personalised engraving on both sides, meaning a different message for both faces. In essence a personalised carving board and a personalised chopping board in one.

Personalised Chopping Boards with Lip from

Personalised Chopping Boards with Lip from

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