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If you have purchased one of our wooden chopping boards or magnetic knife holders, we’ve got something special to show you!

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I know! They’re nice aren’t they! I’m allowed to say that because they’re mine. Davina bought them for me for Christmas.

Kai Shun – Professional, hand-crafted, Japanese Chef’s Knives. For those of you who have shopped with us or who have seen our website before now, would have seen a Kai Shun knife on our Magnetic Knife holders and personalised wooden Chopping Boards.

I have a very old Kai Shun knife which I have had for many, many years and has always been my personal favourite knife to use in my kitchen. I would never have bought myself a set but to receive a set was just amazing and I am still smiling days later that I have a set now.

And that’s why we are going to be stocking these beautiful knives to be sold along side our Wood Chopping Boards, Knife Holders and other kitchen products. To receive such a prestigious Chef’s Knife or set of knives makes a wonderful gift and that is what MMSS is all about.

Believe me – these are going to look fabulous in you kitchen.

Kai Shun is a 100 year old company, renown for being one of the most prestigious names in the business, their whole knife range screams quality and has a unreal sharpness that will take your breath away. Take it from someone who knows – it’s frightening how sharp they are!

However, the thing I love most, as with beautiful timber, each blade is unique and no two are the same. This is due to the 32 layers of Damascus Steel, which gives them that folded steel/Samurai sword finish.

These are perfect for top class professionals as well as the ambitious hobby chef, perfect for every day use and once you pick one up and slice through something – you will never want to use another knife again!

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If you appreciate good quality products, especially in your kitchen, you will love these knives.

We also have a brand new knife stand to display them on if you thinking of buying or already have a good chef knife selection.

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If you like our magnetic wooden products, you will love this! As I said, it is for those of you who have a good selection of knives to display. Both faces of the wooden knife stand are magnetic so you can load up both sides with your chef knife collection, or separate the style of knives from one face to the other.

It is really heavy duty and will last you for years.

But if you want something good to go with it to chop on – then take a look at these beauties…

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This huge butchers block chopping board was ordered by a customer for his kitchen and man where we loving it! It is stunning and in our opinion the best surface to chop on.

End grain is so hard wearing, hygienic and kinder to knife blades. If you want the best combination of work tool in your kitchen – you are going to small every time you enter your kitchen. Even more so, you are going to want to cook all the time.

A big end grain block – a selection of Kai Shun knives and a stunning magnetic wooden knife holder to display then on – you are going to love it!

If you would like to order any of the product you have seen in this post, then visit our website or get in touch with us!

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